‘Into The Media Web: Selected Short Non-Fiction, 1956–2006’

Into The Media Web: Selected Short Non-Fiction, 1956–2006

Manchester: Savoy, 2010 (August 2nd) hardcover;
edited by John Davey;
original price: £48·00;
720 pages;
I.S.B.N.: 978-0-86130-120-1;
cover artist: John Coulthart (+ interior design);

foreword by Alan Moore;
introduction (+ notes) by Davey;
illustrated throughout (with artwork, book & magazine covers, photographs, etc.) by various hands;
no other edition.

A mammoth, career-spanning collection of short non-fiction see below “… fifty years of Moorcock’s journalism … It includes articles, editorials, fore- and afterwords, introductions and prefaces, obituaries, reviews and more.”

p. 9 (as p. ix): ‘The Multiversal Soldier: Foreword’ (as ‘Foreword’ only, on contents page) by Alan Moore;
p. 13 (as p. xiii): ‘Editor’s Introduction’ by John Davey;
p. 17: ‘Michael Moorcock: 1939–’;
p. 44: ‘About My Multiverse’;
p. 46: The Great Rock ’n’ Swindle: Adding To The Legend’;
p. 48: ‘Brian Aldiss: Affairs At Hampden Ferrers: An English Romance’;
p. 51: ‘David Lindsay: The Alienness Of Atmosphere’;
p. 54: ‘Yoshitaka Amano’;
p. 60: ‘An Angle On Asgard’;
p. 66: ‘Aspects Of The Author 1: New Worlds Jerry Cornelius’;
p. 74: ‘Aspects Of The Author 2: In Lighter Vein’;
p. 76: Behold The Man(as ‘Behold The Man: author’s note’ on contents page);
p. 84: ‘Book Choice’;
p. 88: ‘Broken Heart Of Texas’;
p. 95: ‘Norman Spinrad: Bug Jack Barron’;
p. 101: ‘Aldous Huxley: Button-Holed By Erudition’;
p. 104: ‘By Spaceship To The Psyche’;
p. 109: ‘The Case Against Pornography’;
p. 114: ‘Caught Up In Reality’;
p. 118: ‘A Child Of Her Times: W Pett Ridge’s “Mord Em’ly”’ (as ‘A Child Of Her Times’ only, on contents page);
p. 121: ‘China Miéville: City Of Dreadful Light’;
p. 124: ‘Clashes Of Symbols’;
p. 127: ‘John Irving: Copycat Crimes Of A Transsexual Killer’;
p. 129: ‘Philip K Dick: Crazy Like A Fox’;
p. 132: ‘JG Ballard: The Crystal World’;
p. 137: ‘Dear Nomads,… 1’;
p. 141: ‘Dear Nomads,… 2’;
p. 146: ‘Elvis Presley: Death By Hero-Worship’;
p. 150: ‘The Deep Fix’ (as ‘The Deep Fix sleeve-notes’ on contents page);
p. 153: ‘Diary 1’;
p. 156: ‘Diary 2’;
p. 159: ‘Diary 3’ (first appearance in uncut form);
p. 162: ‘Jonathan Carroll: Disarming Evil’;
p. 164: ‘The East Goes West’ (first appearance in uncut form);
p. 167: ‘Harvey Jacobs · Jack Trevor Story: The Egg Of The Glak · Little Dog’s Day’ (as ‘The Egg Of The Glak · Little Dog’s Day: reviews’ on contents page);
p. 169: ‘Elric Of Melniboné’;
p. 172: ‘The Elric Stories’;
p. 179: ‘Angela Carter: Expletives Deleted’;
p. 185: ‘Maurice Richardson: The Exploits Of Engelbrecht’;
p. 188: Fandom À La Française’;
p. 192: ‘Harlan Ellison: A Fiercer Hen’;
p. 195: ‘The Fortunes Of Filth’;
p. 197: ‘Francis Bret Harte’;
p. 200: ‘From The Editor To You’;
p. 202: ‘From The Editor’;
p. 203: ‘Eva Tucker: Germany Calling’;
p. 205: ‘Global Secret’;
p. 207: ‘God In A Spacesuit’;
p. 211: ‘Henry Treece: The Great Captains’;
p. 215: ‘Maeve Gilmore: Harlequin And Harlequina’s House Of Painted Magic’;
p. 218: ‘Haunted Palaces And Poisoned Chalices: The World Of “Gloriana”’;
p. 223: ‘Heart And Soul Of The City’;
p. 227: ‘Historical Fact And Myth In Connection With Conan’ (“with added notes by J. Cawthorn”);
p. 233: ‘Alan Moore: Homage To Cornucopia’;
p. 236: ‘“The Hopkins Manuscript” By RC Sherriff’ (as ‘“The Hopkins Manuscript” By RC Sherriff: introduction’ on contents page);
p. 249: ‘How Respectable Is Jazz?’;
p. 251: ‘If Hitler Had Won World War Two…’;
p. 254: ‘I Married A Prozine’;
p. 259: ‘Jack’s Unforgettable Christmas’;
p. 265: ‘Just Say Know’;
p. 270: ‘Woody Guthrie: The King Of Folk Is Unveiled As An Artist’;
p. 273: ‘Leaving Yugoslavia’;
p. 281: Letters From Hollywood(as ‘Letters From Hollywood 1’ on contents page);
p. 285: ‘The Hollywood Horrors’ (as ‘Letters From Hollywood 2’ on contents page);
p. 294: ‘The Sixth Hollywood Letter’ (as ‘Letters From Hollywood 3’ on contents page);
p. 304: ‘Iain Sinclair: London Pride’;
p. 306: ‘Iain Sinclair: Lud Heat’ (as ‘Lud Heat’ only, on contents page);
p. 309: ‘The Lunatic Who Took Over The Asylum’;
p. 311: ‘Man-Elf’ (as ‘Man-Elf: introduction’, on contents page);
p. 313: ‘The Man’s World’;
p. 316: ‘Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master Of Adventure’;
p. 320: ‘Mervyn Peake: An Appreciation’;
p. 324: ‘Thomas Malory: Le Morte D’Arthur’;
p. 327: ‘Mysteries Of London’;
p. 330: ‘Robert Holdstock: Mythago Wood’;
p. 333: ‘Langdon Jones: The New SF’;
p. 338: New Worlds: A Personal History’;
p. 356: New Worlds” comprising:-
p. 357: ‘Play With Feeling’;
p. 363: ‘A New Literature For The Space Age’;
p. 365: ‘Fancy And Imagination’;
p. 369: ‘William Burroughs: The Cosmic Satirist’;
p. 373: ‘Onward, Ever Onward…’;
p. 376: ‘Why So Conservative?’;
p. 379: ‘Ballard: The Voice’;
p. 381: ‘A Literature Of Acceptance’;
p. 387: ‘Lead-In’;
p. 391: ‘Barbarella And The Anxious Frenchman’ (as ‘Barbarella And The Anxious Frenchman: with Charles Platt’ on contents page);
p. 404: ‘Into The Media Web’;
p. 415: ‘Jack Trevor Story: The Patsy’;
p. 418: ‘Gormenghast’;
p. 420: ‘Mervyn Peake’;
p. 424: New Worlds Quarterly(as ‘New Worlds Quarterly: introduction 1’ on contents page);
p. 426: New Worlds Quarterly 2(as ‘New Worlds Quarterly: introduction 2’ on contents page);
p. 429: New Worlds Quarterly 3(as ‘New Worlds Quarterly: introduction 3’ on contents page);
p. 432: ‘Mal Dean’;
p. 436: ‘New Worlds’ (as ‘New Worlds 1: introduction’ on contents page);
p. 443: ‘The Final Word’;

p. 446: ‘Phil Ochs’ (first appearance);
p. 449: ‘Louis Theroux: Odd And Odder’;
p. 451: ‘The Odyssey Of Sexton Blake’;
p. 459: ‘On Carnell’;
p. 461: ‘Paradise: The Final Frontier’;
p. 466: ‘Patriotism And The Scientific Romance’;
p. 478: ‘A Place Of Perpetual Rehearsal And Audition’;
p. 482: ‘Platform’;
p. 489: ‘Andrea Dworkin: Political Gets Too Personal’;
p. 493: ‘The Portobello Road’ (with Bryce Atwell);
p. 500: ‘Bertolt Brecht: Pulling The Shark’s Teeth’;
p. 503: ‘Leigh Brackett: Queen Of The Martian Mysteries’;
p. 513: ‘A Reader’s Guide’ (as ‘A Reader’s Guide: foreword’ on contents page);
p. 514: ‘Jeff VanderMeer: Reinventing A Vision’;
p. 516: The Retreat From Liberty(as ‘The Retreat From Liberty: introduction’ on contents page);
p. 521: ‘Satan’s Filing Clerks And Beerhall Bores’;
p. 524: ‘Scratching A Living’;
p. 528: ‘The Secret Life Of Elric Of Melniboné’;
p. 534: ‘SF For Junior’;
p. 539: ‘Soho Interlude’;
p. 542: ‘Tom Mix: Songs Of Innocence’;
p. 547: ‘Southern Comfort’;
p. 552: ‘Spectres From Outer Space’;
p. 555: ‘Starship Stormtroopers’;
p. 566: ‘Fritz Leiber: Sword Of Irony’;
p. 571: The Swords Of Heaven, The Flowers Of Hell(as ‘The Swords Of Heaven, The Flowers Of Hell: introduction’ on contents page);
p. 574: The Tale Of The Eternal Champion” (as ‘The Tale Of The Eternal Champion – introductions’ on contents page) comprising:-
p. 575: The Eternal Champion’;
p. 581: Von Bek’;
p. 584: Elric: Song Of The Black Sword’;
p. 587: Kane Of Old Mars’;
p. 591: The Dancers At The End Of Time’;
p. 593: Elric: The Stealer Of Souls’;
p. 597: Legends From The End Of Time’;

p. 600: ‘John Picacio: A Texan Visionary’;
p. 604: ‘That Moon Plaque’;
p. 605: George Meredith: Thoroughly Modern George’;
p. 608: Star Wars: 3, 2, 1, Rip Off!’;
p. 611: HG Wells: The Time Of The Time Machine’;
p. 622: Time Travelling: Mr And Mrs Peake Hold A Party, Autumn 1965’;
p. 628: Titus Groan’;
p. 638: Poul Anderson: Tolkien Times Two’;
p. 640: ‘Thomas Pynchon: Tomorrow’s World Today’ (as [correctly] ‘Tomorrow’s World Yesterday’ on contents page; first appearance in uncut form);
p. 643: Treated Like Dirt’;
p. 647: Angus Wilson: Under Observation’;
p. 651: Mervyn Peake: “Unique, Dark And Majestic”’;
p. 656: Tom Holt: Wagner And Wodehouse, Together At Last’;
p. 658: “What’s In…” (not on Contents page) comprising:-
p. 659: ‘What’s In… In Science Fiction’;
p. 663: ‘What’s In… On The Pop Scene’;
p. 667: ‘What’s In… And Out… In The Popular Folk Hero Business’;
p. 672: ‘What’s In… On the Music Scene 1’;
p. 675: ‘What’s In… In The Secret Agent Business’;
p. 677: ‘What’s In… On the Music Scene 2’;
p. 680: Walter Mosley: When Worlds Collide’ (first appearance in uncut form);
p. 683: Whither Science Fiction?’;
p. 686: Wizardry And Wild Romance(as ‘Wizardry And Wild Romance: introduction’ on contents page);
p. 692: Epic Pooh(as ‘Wizardry And Wild Romance: Epic Pooh’ on contents page);
p. 705: Tahar Ben Jelloun: A Woman Raised As A Boy’;
p. 708: ‘Women In My Life’;
p. 710: Andrea Dworkin: Memorial’ (first appearance);
p. 714: “Appendix” (not on Contents page) comprising:-
p. 715: James Cawthorn: 1929–2008’ (originally published in 2009, outside of the timeframe of Into The Media Web’s sub-title).