‘Epic Pooh’

Epic Pooh

Dagenham: British Fantasy Society paperback/chapbook, 1978 (February);
original price:  50p;
15 pages;

I.S.B.N.:  none (code: “B.F.S. Booklet No. 4”);
cover artist:  John Grandfield (also interior);
no other
(individual) edition.

Epic Pooh is a short, polemical essay by Moorcock which, according to a note on its title page, was intended as a “chapter from his forthcoming critical book on ‘epic fantasy’, HEROIC DREAMS, ENCHANTED WORLDS”, which itself became Wizardry And Wild Romance (1987). Epic Pooh, in revised form, did become a chapter in that book, then in its original form was later collected in Into The Media Web (2010).