by John Davey

There are countless people to thank, many beyond measure, for their assistance and/or encouragement (sometimes in very peripheral ways), not only in the creation and development of this website but also throughout the years spent researching its content. I shall try very hard to remember and list everyone — please yell, anyone who’s feeling left out — in purely alphabetical order, all as follows: Erik Arthur, Rob Ayling, Ted Ball (1942–2015), Derek Barnsley, Maureen Bell, Joan Bledig, Anna Branscome, David Brittain, David Britton (1945–2020), Giuseppa Burwood (1955–2021), Kate Bush, Michael Butterworth, Aaron Caplan, Paul Cashman, James Cawthorn (1929–2008), A. Vin¢ Clarke (1922–’98), John Clute, David Cohen (‘Lapis’), John Collier, Storm Constantine (1956–2021), John Coulthart, Ian Covell (1953–2019), Peter Crowther, George Crumb, Emma Davey, Maureen Davey, Rebecca Davey, Peter Dewey, Oren Douek, Philippe Druillet, Laurence G. Dunn, Mrs. Ebel, John Eggeling, Dick Ellingsworth (1943–2010), Bill Emery, Don Falcone, Simon Fielding, Jean-Luc Fromental, David S. Garnett, Marcus Gipps, Fred Godsmark, Rob Godwin,, Simon Gosden, Mitchel J. Greenspan, Marty Halpern, Rob Hansen, Colin Harris, David Hill (1947–2022), Kathy Hill, William Hjortsberg (1941–2017), Steve Holland, Oliver House, (the Internet Speculative Fiction Database), Crispin Jackson, Rod Jackson, Maxim Jakubowski, Langdon Jones (1942–2021), Ramsey Kanaan, Allan Kausch, David Langford, Guy Lawley,, George Locke (1936–2019), Jean-Marc Lofficier, W.O.G. Lofts (1923–’97), Manny Maris, Milly McCanless (& Eck), Betsy Mitchell, Linda Moorcock, Michael Moorcock, Howard Morhaim, Sam Moskowitz (1920–’97), David Mosley, Darren Nash, Nomads Of The Time Streams the world over, Robyn Orr, Charles Partington (1940–2022), Lori Pearce, Michael Pearce (1963–2010), Mark Plummer, Judith Priestman, Janet Ramsey, Lynne Regan, Mark Reeve, Andy Richards, Roger Robinson, D.J. Rowe (1937–2020), Peter Rowe, David Sabagh, Andy Sawyer, Ridley Scott, Berry Sizemore, Phil Stephensen-Payne, Graeme Talboys, David Tate (1949–2011), Brian Tawn, Titan Books’ editorial team(s), Liza Groen Trombi, Harry Turner (1920–2009), Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, John Waggott, Jerad Walters, Bob Wardzinski, Peter Weston (1943–2017), Stewart Wieck (1968–2017), WordPress’s support team (without whom…), Mark Young, Mark V. & Cindy Ziesing.