‘Behold The Man: The Thirtieth Anniversary Edtiton’

Behold The Man
The Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

Austin, Texas:  Mojo Press, 1996 (June) hardcover;
original price: $12·95;
x + 129 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 1-885418-05-1;
cover artist: John Picacio (also interior);

foreword by Jonathan Carroll;
afterword by Moorcock;
no other edition.

The first (& only) standalone edition of the Nebula Award-winning novella (New Worlds1966) (q.v.), and “the first [& only] version to feature the author’s corrections”. In 1969, the original was expanded to novel length (q.v.), whilst in uncorrected novella form it was collected in Moorcock’s Book Of Martyrs (1976)/Dying For Tomorrow (1978), The Best Of Michael Moorcock (2009), Breakfast In The Ruins And Other Stories (2014), and also in a number of anthologies (q.v.).

p. vii: ‘What The Hero Fears: Some Thoughts On Michael Moorcock’s Behold The Man(non-fiction) by Jonathan Carroll;
p. 1: ‘Behold The Man’;
p. 115: ‘Behold The Man: Author’s Note’ (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock.

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