‘Kane Of Old Mars’

Kane Of Old Mars

Clarkston, GA:  White Wolf, 1998 (February) hardcover;
part of the Tale Of The Eternal Champion
edited by John Davey;
original price:  $22·99;
xiv + 334 pages;
I.S.B.N.: 1-56504-184-4;
cover artist:  John Bolton
(also interior).

Kane Of Old Mars is an omnibused trilogy of Edgar Rice Burroughs pastiches featuring Michael Kane, and is a revised retitling of an earlier omnibus, Warrior Of Mars (1981) (not to be confused with the 1965 novel [part of the same trilogy], Warriors Of Mars). The American and British editions used differing variant titles for their (same) contents.

(+ book-club ed.[?])
White Wolf trade-sized paperback, 2000 (July [First hardcover edition October 1998” on copyright page]);
original price:  $16·99;
xiv + 334 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  1-56504-988-8 (-184-4 on copyright page);
with minor textual amendments

London: Gollancz trade-paperback, 2015 (January 8th);
as by “Edward P. Bradbury” on title page;
part of the Michael Moorcock Collection;
edited by John Davey;
original price:  £9·99;
xx + 408 pages;

includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by John Clute (pp. vii–xii);
also includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by Moorcock (pp. xiii–xviii);
I.S.B.N.:  978-0-575-09252-5;
cover artist:  Richard Hescox;

illustrated by James Cawthorn.

(+ later reprint[s])
Copyright page states “Revised versions”, but should be more accurately ‘Versions contain minor textual amendments’.

Contents (first edition):-
p. ix: Introduction (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock;
p. 1: City Of The Beast;
p. 117: Lord Of The Spiders;
p. 229: Masters Of The Pit.

Contents (revised edition):-
p. vii‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection (non-fiction) by John Clute;
p. xiiiIntroduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection (non-fiction) by Moorcock;
p. xixContents page;
p. xxfrontispiece by James Cawthorn;
p. 1: Warriors Of Mars;
p. 141: Blades Of Mars;
p. 279: Barbarians Of Mars;
p. 408: end-piece by Cawthorn.

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