‘The Swords Of Heaven, The Flowers Of Hell’

The Swords Of Heaven, The Flowers Of Hell

New York: HM Communications outsized paperback, 1979 (December 1st);
by Michael Moorcock & Howard V. Chaykin;
original price:  $6·95;
68 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  930-36847-9;
cover artist:  Chaykin (also interior);

introduction by Moorcock.

The Swords Of Heaven, The Flowers Of Hell is a short, original graphic novel, conceived by Michael Moorcock and realised by Howard V. Chaykin. It is a supplementary volume to a cornerstone series central to the overarching theme of Moorcock’s entire oeuvre, the Eternal Champion in various incarnations throughout the multiverseforever fighting for one side or the other as Law and Chaos battle for control of the Cosmic Balance. The Swords Of Heaven… features Clen of Clen Gar as the Champion.

First edition

First British edition: London: Star outsized paperback, 1980 (April 24th, but dated 1979);
original price:  £2·95;
68 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0352-306-815.

First hardcover edition: London: Titan Comics hardcover, 2018 (May 15th);
part of the Michael Moorcock Library;
original price:  £16·99;
80 pages;
includes ‘Foreword’ (non-fiction) by Cullen Bunn (p. 5);
also includes Moorcock’s original introduction (pp. 7/8);
also includes Unsheathing The Swords… (non-fiction) by John Davey (pp. 7476);
I.S.B.N.:  9781782763307.

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