Short Fiction


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‘The Adventure Of The Dorset Street Lodger’
‘The Affair Of The Bassin Les Hivers’
‘The Affair Of The Seven Virgins’
‘The Alchemist’s Question’
‘All The Dead Singers’
‘All The Way Round Again’
‘An Alternative Apocalypse’
‘Ancient Shadows’

‘And So The Great Emperor Received His Education…’
‘An Apocalypse:  Some Scenes From European Life’
‘Appendix I’  
(to The Condition Of Muzak)


‘The Ball’
‘The Battle Of Apache Canyon’
‘Behold The Man’

‘Benediction:  Extract From The Warlord Of The Air
‘The Birds Of The Moon’
‘The Black Blade’s Song’
‘The Black Blade’s Summoning’
‘Black Petals’
‘Black Sword’s Brothers’
‘The Blood Red Game’
‘The Bronze Invaders’
‘The Brothel In Rosenstrasse’
‘Butoru And Magic’


‘The Cairene Purse’
‘The Camus Referendum’
‘The Caravan Of Forgotten Dreams’
‘The Case Of The Nazi Canary’
‘A Catalogue Of Memories’
‘Cheering For The Rockets’
‘The Children Of The Pit’
‘The City In The Autumn Stars’
‘The Clapham Antichrist’
‘Constant Fire’
‘Consuming Passion’
‘Corsairs Of The Second Ether’
‘Count Brass’
‘The Crack/The Sniff’
‘Crimson Eyes’
‘Crossing Into Cambodia’
‘The Cure’
‘A Cure For Cancer’
‘Curse Of Co-In-Jar’


‘The Daily Telegraph’
‘Dancers At The End Of Time’
‘Danse À Rome’
‘The Dark Rider’
‘Dead God’s Homecoming’
‘A Dead Singer’
‘Dead Singers’ 
‘Dead Singers’ 
‘The Deep Fix’
‘Dek Of Noothar’ 
‘The Delhi Division’
‘Discourse With A Beast Who Mourns The Golden Age’
‘The Distant Suns’
‘The Dodgem Arrangement’
‘The Dodgem Decision’
‘The Dodgem Division’
‘Dogfight Donovan’s Day Off’
‘Doomed Lord’s Passing’
‘Doves In The Circle’
‘The Dreaming City’
‘Dream Of A Doomed Lord’
‘The Dream Of Earl Aubec’
‘The Dreams Of The Doomed Lord’
‘The Dreamthief’s Daughter’
‘The Dreamthief’s Pledge’
‘Duel Among The Wine Green Suns’
‘Duke Elric’
‘The Dying Castles’


‘Earl Aubec’
‘Earl Aubec Of Malador’
‘Elric:  A Dragon Wakes’
‘Elric At The End Of Time’
‘Elric:  Revenge Of The Rose’
‘Elric:  The Making Of A Sorcerer’
‘The End Of All Songs’
‘The Enigma Windows’
‘The Entropy Circuit’
‘Environment Problem’
‘Escape From Evening’
‘The Eternal Champion’
‘An Extract From Mother London:  A Novel


‘The Failure’
‘Firing The Cathedral’
‘The Flame Bringers:  A Tale Of The Barbarian Conquerors of Rome’
‘The Flame Bringers’ 
‘The Flamebringers’
‘The Flaneur Des Arcades De L’Opera’
‘The Flight From Singapore’

‘Forbearing Planet’
‘The Fortress Of The Pearl’

‘Fragment, 1956’
‘Free States’
‘The Frozen Cardinal’
‘The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes’
‘Further Information’


‘The Gangrene Collection’
‘The Ghost Warriors’
‘The Girl Who Killed Sultry Caine’
‘The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade’
‘Going Home’
‘Going To Canada’
‘Gold Diggers Of 1977’
‘The Golden Barge’
‘Goodbye, Miranda’
‘The Greater Conqueror’
‘The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle’
‘The Grenade Garden’
‘The Guardian’


‘Hanging The Fool’
‘The Hollow Land’
‘The Hordes Attack’
‘Human Hyena’


‘The Ice Schooner’
‘The Icon Crackdown’
‘Introduction To The AudioRealms Version Of The Sailor On The Seas Of Fate


‘The Jade Man’s Eyes’
‘Jesting With Chaos’
‘Johnny Lonesome Comes To Town’


‘The Kassandra Peninsula’
‘King Of The City’
‘Kings In Darkness’
‘Klan The Spoiler’

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‘The Lands Beyond The World’
‘The Last Call’
‘The Last Enchantment’
‘The Last Vigil’
‘Leaving Pasadena’
‘London Blood’
‘London Bone’
‘London Flesh’
‘London, My Life! or The Sedentary Jew’
‘London Twist’
‘The Longford Cup’
‘The Lost Canal’
‘Lost London’
‘Lost Sorceress Of The Silent Citadel’
‘The Lovebeast’
‘Lunching With The Antichrist’


‘The Macabre In Heroic Fantasy:  From The Jewel In The Skull
‘The Machine’
‘The Man With The Burning Brain’
‘Master Of Chaos’
‘Mathews And Mars’
‘The Minstrel Girl’
‘The Mirror; or, Harlequin Everywhere’
‘Mission To Asno!’
‘Modem Times’
‘Modem Times 2.0’
‘La Montagne’
‘The Mountain’ 
(Boys’ World)
‘The Mountain’ 
(New Worlds)
‘The Murderer’s Song’
‘The Museum Of The Future’
‘My Life’
‘The Mystery Of The Texas Twister’


‘The Nature Of The Catastrophe’
‘The Nemedians’
‘No Ordinary Christian’
‘The Nostalgia Differential’
‘Not By Mind Alone’


‘The Opium General’


‘Pale Roses’
‘Peace On Earth’
‘The Peking Junction’
‘Perilous Passenger’
‘Phase 1’
‘Phase 3’
‘The Pleasure Garden Of Felipe Sagittarius’
‘A Portrait In Ivory’
‘Preliminary Data’
‘Pride Of Empire’
‘Prisoners In Stone’

‘The Prodigy’
‘Professor Merit’s Monster’
‘Psychic News’
‘The Purple Galley’


‘The Real Life Mr Newman’
‘Red Pearls’
‘Rens Karto Of Bersnol’
‘The Retirement Of Jack Karaquazian’
‘Le Retour D’Odysseus’
‘The Revenge Of The Rose’
‘Revolt In Hatnor’
‘The Roaming Forest’
‘The Romanian Question’
‘The Ruins’
‘The Russian Intelligence’


‘Sad Giant’s Shield’
‘Sailing To The Past’
‘Samoan Giant Rat Bite Fever’
‘The Sea Of Demons’
‘Sea Wolves’ 
‘The Sea Wolves!’ 
‘Shamalung (The Diminutions)’
‘The Shores Of Death’
‘The Siege Of Noothar’
‘The Singing Citadel’
‘Sir Milk-and-Blood’
‘Six Scenes In Search Of An Illustration’
‘The Sleeping Sorceress’
‘A Slow Saturday Night At The Surrealist Sporting Club’
‘Sojan And The Devil-Hunters Of Norj’
‘Sojan And The Plain Of Mystery’
‘Sojan And The Sons Of The Snake-God’
‘Sojan At Sea!’
‘Sojan The Swordsman’  
‘Sojan The Swordsman’  
‘Some Episodes In The Great War’
‘Some Fragments Found In The Effects Of Mr Sam Oakenhurst’
‘The Specimens’
‘The Spencer Inheritance’
‘The Stealer Of Souls’
‘The Stone Thing’
‘Stormbringer:  First Draft Screenplay’
‘The Strange Ones’
‘Sumptuous Dress:  A Question Of Size At The End Of Time’
‘The Sundered Worlds’
‘The Sunset Perspective’
‘The Swastika Set-up’
‘The Sword Of Life’


‘The Tank Trapeze’
‘The Third Jungle Book’

‘3 Men Of Affairs’
‘Through The Shaving Mirror’
‘Time Drop’ 
‘The Time Dweller’
‘To Rescue Tanelorn…’
‘A Twist In The Lines’


‘The Vengeance Of Rome’
‘The Visible Men’


‘Waiting For The End Of Time…’
‘Walking The Hog’
‘The War Amongst The Angels’
‘Wheel Of Fortune’
‘While The Gods Laugh’
‘The White Pirate’
‘The Whispering Swarm’
‘White Stars’
‘The White Wolf’s Son’
‘The White Wolf’s Song’
‘Witch Doctor’s Vengeance’
‘A Winter Admiral’

‘The Wokingham Agreement’
‘The Wrecks Of Time’

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