‘Hawkmoon: Count Brass’

Hawkmoon: Count Brass

London: Gollancz trade-sized paperback, 2013 (May 9th);
part of the Michael Moorcock Collection;
edited by John Davey;
original price:  £9·99;
xxii + 392 pages;

includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by John Clute (pp. vii–xii);
also includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by Moorcock (pp. xiii–xviii);
I.S.B.N.:  978-0-575-09248-8;
cover artist:  James Cawthorn (also interior [map]);

no American edition (by this title).

An omnibus of the second of two separate series featuring Duke Dorian Hawkmoon von Köln, collecting the novels Count Brass (1973), The Champion Of Garathorm (1973) and The Quest For Tanelorn (1975), Hawkmoon: Count Brass was retitled from the Count Brass omnibus (1993), which itself was retitled from The Chronicles Of Castle Brass (1985).

(+ later reprint[s], £10·99)
Copyright page states “Revised version”, but should be more accurately ‘Version contains minor textual amendments’.

p. vii‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection (non-fiction) by John Clute;
p. xiiiIntroduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection (non-fiction) by Moorcock;
p. xixContents page;
pp. xx/xxi: ‘The World Of The Dark Empire’ (map) by James Cawthorn;
p. 1: Count Brass (as The Fifth Book Of Hawkmoon: Count Brass on title page);
p. 131: The Champion Of Garathorm (as The Sixth Book Of Hawkmoon: The Champion Of Garathorm on title page);
p. 257: The Quest For Tanelorn (as The Seventh Book Of Hawkmoon: The Quest For Tanelorn on title page).

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