‘The Best Of Michael Moorcock’

The Best Of Michael Moorcock

San Francisco:  Tachyon, 2009 (May 15th) trade-sized paperback;
edited by John Davey with Ann & Jeff VanderMeer;
original price: $14·95;
403 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 978-1-892391-86-5;
cover artist: Ann Monn
interior design: John Coulthart;
introduction (+ notes) by John Davey;
afterword by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer;
no other (printed) edition.

A collection of short fiction (see below)…

p. vi: Introduction (non-fiction) by John Davey;
p. 11: ‘A Portrait In Ivory’;
p. 21: ‘The Visible Men; or, Down The Multiversal Rabbit Hole’ (as ‘The Visible Men’ on contents page);
p. 25: ‘A Dead Singer’;
p. 45: ‘Lunching With The Antichrist’;
p. 79: ‘The Opium General’;
p. 89: ‘Behold The Man’;
p. 139: ‘A Winter Admiral’;
p. 145: ‘London Bone’;
p. 167: ‘Colour’;
p. 197: “My Experiences In The Third World War” comprising:-
p. 197: ‘Going To Canada’;
p. 207: ‘Leaving Pasadena’;
p. 224: ‘Crossing Into Cambodia’;
p. 241: ‘Doves In The Circle’;
p. 263: ‘The Deep Fix’;
p. 317: ‘The Birds Of The Moon: A Travellers’ Tale’ (as ‘The Birds Of The Moon’ on contents page);
p. 329: ‘The Cairene Purse’;
p. 389: ‘A Slow Saturday Night At The Surrealist Sporting Club: Being A Further Account Of Engelbrecht The Boxing Dwarf And His Fellow Members’ (as ‘A Slow Saturday Night At The Surrealist Sporting Club’ on contents page);
p. 402: Afterword (non-fiction) by Ann & Jeff VenderMeer.

The Best Of Michael Moorcock is also available as an e-book: 9781616963125.