‘The Very Best Of Michael Moorcock’

The Very Best Of Michael Moorcock

London:  Jayde Design, 2004 (August 8th) hardcover;
edited and introduced (+ notes) by John Davey;
original price: none;
546 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 0-9520074-7-9;
cover artist: none (lettering only);

illustrated by James Cawthorn, Malcolm Dean & Mark Reeve;
no other edition.

A collection of short fiction see below privately “published … in a limited edition of three copies”, included here because it went on to form the basis of (and is mentioned in) the commercially available The Best Of Michael Moorcock (2009).

p. 7: ‘Editor’s Introduction’ (non-fiction) by John Davey;
p. 11: ‘The Dreaming City’;
p. 35: ‘Crossing Into Cambodia’;
p. 51: ‘Lunching With The Antichrist’;
p. 79: ‘The Time Dweller’;
p. 95: ‘London Bone’;
p. 115: ‘The Mountain’;
p. 125: ‘The Deep Fix’;
p. 171: ‘A Winter Admiral’;
p. 179: ‘Phase 1’ (from The Final Programme; first appearance in standalone form);
p. 217: ‘A Dead Singer’;
p. 235: ‘The Frozen Cardinal’;
p. 245: ‘Colour’;
p. 271: ‘Wolf’;
p. 277: ‘Pale Roses’;
p. 307: ‘The Pleasure Garden Of Felipe Sagittarius’;
p. 319: ‘Behold The Man’;
p. 361: ‘Doves In The Circle’;
p. 381: The Birds Of The Moon: A Travellers’ Tale’ (as ‘The Birds Of The Moon’ only, on contents page);
p. 391: ‘The Singing Citadel’;
p. 419: ‘The Peking Junction’;
p. 429: ‘Escape From Evening’;
p. 453: ‘The Stone Thing: A Tale Of Strange Parts’ (as ‘The Stone Thing’ only, on contents page);
p. 457: ‘The Real Life Mr. Newman’;
p. 487: ‘The Cairene Purse’;
p. 537: ‘A Slow Saturday Night At The Surrealist Sporting Club: Being A Further Account Of Engelbrecht The Boxing Dwarf And His Fellow Members’ (as ‘A Slow Saturday Night At The Surrealist Sporting Club’ only, on contents page).