‘The Birds Of The Moon: A Travellers’ Tale’

The Birds Of The Moon: A Travellers’ Tale

London:  Jayde Design (in association with The Nomads Of The Time Streams [The International Michael Moorcock Appreciation Society]), 1995 (July 19th) trade-sized paperback/chapbook;
original price: £2·50;
24 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 0-9520074-1-X;
cover artist: Mark Reeve (also interior)
afterword by John Davey;
no other
(indivdual) edition.

‘The Birds Of The Moon’ is, by a narrow margin, probably this writer’s favourtite Michael Moorcock story. In 1995, it was originally commissioned for, submitted to (on time), and apparently accepted by the magazine New Statesman & Society (as part of a special feature intended to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Glastonbury music festival), but for some reason it never appeared (in June of that year).  Published subsequently in its own one-off edition in July 1995, it was collected in Fabulous Harbours (also 1995), then later in The Best Of Michael Moorcock (2009) and (as part of Fabulous Harbours) in The War Amongst The Angels (omnibus, 2014).

p. 1: ‘The Birds Of The Moon: A Travellers’ Tale’;
p. 22: ‘Editor’s Afterword’ (non-fiction) by John Davey;
p. 24: advertisement for The Nomads Of The Time Streams: The International Michael Moorcock Appreciation Society.