‘Phoenix In Obsidian’

Phoenix In Obsidian

London:  Mayflower, 1970 (October) mass-sized paperback;
original price:  5/-;
127 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  583-11800-3;
cover artist:  Bob Habberfield (sic).

Second volume in a cornerstone series central to the overarching theme of Moorcock’s entire oeuvre, the Eternal Champion in various incarnations throughout the multiverse, forever fighting for one side or the other as Law and Chaos battle for control of the Cosmic Balance. Phoenix In Obsidian featuring Erekosë/Urlik Skarsol as the Champion was retitled (in the U.S.A. only) as The Silver Warriors (1973), and was later revised and collected in The Eternal Champion (omnibus, 1992 [U.K.]/1994 [U.S.A., as Phoenix…]) before finally appearing in America as a standalone edition under its original title in 2014.

(Preceded by The Eternal Champion [novel])

First edition
Mayflower p/b ed., 1973 (30p); reprinted 1974, 1976 (50p).
Granada p/b ed., 1979 (0-583-11800-3), £1·25.
Granada p/b ed., 1984, £1·95; reprinted 1987 (unseen [unverified], £2·50).

London: Grafton paperback, 1988 (April 7th);
original price:  £2·50;
I.S.B.N.:  0-583-11800-3;
cover artist:  Mark Salwowski.

London: Titan trade-sized paperback, 2014 (December 2nd);
sub-titled “being The Second Book Of The Eternal Champion” on title page;
alternatively sub-titled “The Eternal Champion Sequence Book Two” on front cover;
revised text;
edited by John Davey;
original price:  $9·95;
193 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  9871783291625;
cover artist:  “Dreamtime/Funny Little Fish”.

First American standalone edition by this title (see description above)

(Followed by The Dragon In The Sword)

N.B.: All U.K. editions of the Hawkmoon/Castle Brass novel, The Champion Of Garathorm, up to and including its 1986 Grafton paperback, contain the following author’s “Note to the Reader

While it is a sequel to the previous volume
[Count Brass] in the series called The Chronicles of Castle Brass, this particular book may also be read as a sequel to the second book in the Eternal Champion series, Phoenix in Obsidian.

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Phoenix In Obsidian is also available as e-books: 9780575092679 (U.K.) & 9871783291595 (U.S.A.).