‘Breakfast In The Ruins’

Breakfast In The Ruins: A Novel Of Inhumanity

London:  New English Library, 1972 (April) hardcover;
original price:  £1·75;
175 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  450-01196-8
cover artist:  unknown.

The time-travelling Karl Glogauer first appeared in ‘Behold The Man’, a Nebula Award-winning novella (in New Worlds, 1966) (q.v.), which was expanded to novel length in 1969 (q.v.). Breakfast In The Ruins is not a sequel, as such, but does feature Karl Glogauer — but whether it’s the same Karl Glogauer(s)…? — and was collected in Behold The Man And Other Stories (1994, with the Behold The Man novel and Constant Fire [a revision of The Transformation Of Miss Mavis Ming]), then later in Breakfast In The Ruins And Other Stories (2014). The sub-title, “A Novel Of Inhumanity”, was not Moorcock’s.

First edition

First paperback edition: London: New English Library mass-sized paperback, 1973 (March);
original price:  30p;
175 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  450-01409-6;
cover artist:  Peter Goodfellow.

1973 p/b edition, reprinted 1975 (April) (35p) 450-02401-6.
New English Library p/b ed., 1978 (September) (90p) 450-04152-2;
cover artist:  Joe Petagno.

First American edition:  New York: Random House hardcover, 1974 (April 15th);
dated 1971 on copyright page;
no sub-title;
original price:  $5·95;
174 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-394-49068-1;
cover artist:  unknown.

New York: Avon paperback, 1980 (May);
no sub-title;
original price:  $1·95;
172 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-380-49148-6;
cover artist:  Stanislaw Fernandes.

Avon p/b ed., 1987 (March, but undated) ($3·50);
cover artist:  Luis Royo.

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