‘Behold The Man And Other Stories’

Behold The Man And Other Stories

London:  Phoenix House, 1994 (June 9th) hardcover and simultaneous trade-sized paperback;
original prices:  £15·99 (h/c), £9·99 (p/b);
409 pages;
I.S.B.N.s:  1-89758-036-3 (h/c), 1-89758-041-X (p/b);
cover artist:  Robert Clifford;
no American edition.

An omnibus containing two Karl Glogauer novels, Behold The Man and Breakfast In The Ruins, together with a supplementary novel to the ‘Dancers At The End Of Time’ trilogy called Constant Fire (a revision of The Transformation Of Miss Mavis Ming) included here following its seriously flawed appearance in a Legends From The End Of Time omnibus (1993).

(+ book-club ed.)
Trade paperback (simultaneous 1st ed., not to scale).

Contents (both editions):-
p. 1: Behold The Man;
p. 125: Constant Fire;
p. 263: Breakfast In The Ruins.