‘The Nomad Of Time’ (foreign editions)

The Nomad Of Time/A Nomad Of The Time Streams

A list of foreign (i.e. non-English language) editions

Les Aventures Uchroniques D’Oswald Bastable (Éditions OPTA, 2-7201-0148-6, France, 1982 [preceding English-language edition])

Zeitnomaden (Heyne, 3453050096, Germany, 1991)

Кочевники Времени (Северо-Запад [Northwest], 5-8352-0446-9, Russia, 1994)

Кочевники Времени (Terra Fantastica, 5-7921-0475-1 & [?] 5-04-008918-X, Russia, 2001)

Le Nomade Du Temps (Folio, 978-2-07-034776-6, France, 2008)