‘Les Aventures Uchroniques D’Oswald Bastable’

Les Aventures Uchroniques D’Oswald Bastable

Paris:  Éditions OPTA, 1982 (October 25th) hardcover;
title translates as “The Uchronic Adventures Of Oswald Bastable”;
original price: 160 F;
640 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 2-7201-0148-6;
cover artist: Claude Fritsch (also interior);

quote (courtesy of Google Translate): “the limited edition includes 3,000 copies numbered from 1 to 3,000 and 50 copies of collaborators with H.C. brands”.

This French edition preceded The Nomad Of Time (December 1982); see below…

p. 3: ‘Capitaine Oswald Bastable: Chrononaute’ (non-fiction) by Daniel Walther;
p. 5: Le Seigneur Des Air (The Warlord Of The Air) translated by Denise Hersant;
p. 237: Le Leviathan Des Terra (The Land Leviathan) translated by Hersant;
p. 449: Le Tsar D’Acier (The Steel Tsar) translated by Jacques Schmitt.