‘The Chinese Agent’

The Chinese Agent

New York:  Macmillan, 1970 (April) hardcover;
original price:  $4·50;
185 pages;

I.S.B.N.:  none (code: 58579);
cover artist:  Carl Titolo.

A retitling of Somewhere In The Night (1966), revised in order to bring it in line with other developing series, it was collected in Jerry Cornell’s Comic Capers (2005) with The Russian Intelligence (1980).

First edition.

First paperback edition:  New York: Ace, 1971 (October);
original price:  75¢;
157 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  441-10435;
cover artist:  Joseph Lomardero.

First British edition:  London: Hutchinson hardcover, 1970 (September 21st);
original price:  30s;
184 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-09-103900-2;
cover artist:  Colin Mier.

St. Albans: Mayflower/Granada mass-sized paperback, 1979 (September 20th);
original price:  85p;
159 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-583-12990-0;
cover artist:  Peter Tybus.

London: Gollancz/Gateway e-book, 2013 (March 28th);
part of the Michael Moorcock Collection (one of five electronic-only titles in the series);
edited by John Davey;
original price:  £2·99;
includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by John Clute;
also includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by Moorcock;
I.S.B.N.:  978-0-575-07080-6.

(Followed by The Russian Intelligence)

N.B.:  A much publicised (at the time) and oft-cited British trade-paperback edition from Toxic, announced as due in 2000, never appeared.