‘Somewhere In The Night’

Somewhere In The Night

London:  Compact Books, 1966 (June) mass-sized paperback;
as by “Bill Barclay”;
original price:  3/6;
158 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  none (code: F309);
cover artist:  unknown;
no other edition (by this title).

Somewhere In The Night is a comedy spy thriller featuring the character Nick Allard; it is a sequel to The LSD Dossier, written by Roger Harris (about whom little is known) and subsequently rewritten (or ghost-written) by Moorcock anonymously. The writing of Somewhere In The Night was at least begun by pulp writer James Moffatt, before being taken over and (to all intents and purposes) wholly rewritten by Moorcock as “Bill Barclay”; it was later revised (in order to bring it in line with other developing series) and retitled as The Chinese Agent (1970) as by Moorcock.

(Preceded by The LSD Dossier)

(Followed by Printer’s Devil)