‘Sojan The Swordsman’

Sojan The Swordsman

Redmond, WA: Paizo/Planet Stories, 2010 (November) trade-sized paperback;
a “Planet Stories Double Feature” combined with Under The Warrior Star by Joe R. Lansdale;
original price:  $15·99;
176 pages;

I.S.B.N.:  978-1-60125-288-3;
cover artist:  Kieran Yanner;

introduction by Erik Mona;
illustrated by James Cawthorn & Claudio Casini;
no other edition (thus, but see below)

This double-feature anthology collects two short novels see below with Moorcock’s incorporating his first fantasy stories, those of Sojan the Swordsman, which appeared in Tarzan Adventures in 1957/’58. It includes only the episodes featuring the title character, which were completely re-chaptered for this edition.

Contents (first edition [see below for e-book’s differing content]):-
p. 6: ‘Double Feature: Notes From The Projection Room’ (introduction) by Erik Mona;
p. 11: Sojan The Swordsman (title page);
p. 13: acknowledgements;
p. 15: Author’s Note;
p. 16: ‘Zylor: The World Of Sojan Shieldbearer’ (map) by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (a.k.a. Moorcock);
p. 17: ‘Introduction’ (first appearance);
p. 20: Sojan The Swordsman (illustrated by Cawthorn) by Moorcock;
p. 101: afterword by Moorcock;
p. 103: Under The Warrior Star (title page);
p. 105: dedication;
p. 106: Under The Warrior Star (illustrated by Claudio Casini) by Joe R. Lansdale.


London: Gollancz/Gateway e-book, 2013 (April 11th);
part of the Michael Moorcock Collection (one of five electronic-only titles in the series);
edited by John Davey;
original price:  £2·99;
includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by John Clute;
also includes ‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’ by Moorcock;
I.S.B.N.:  978-0-575-07890-1;

illustrated by James Cawthorn (combining Sojan 1st-ed. [1977] artwork together with artwork from Tarzan Adventures, not seen since in 1957/’58).

Contents (e-book):-

  • acknowledgements;
  • Author’s Note;
  • ‘Zylor: The World Of Sojan Shieldbearer’ (map) by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (a.k.a. Moorcock);
  • ‘Introduction’;
  • Sojan The Swordsman (illustrated by Cawthorn);
  • afterword;
  • ‘Klan The Spoiler’ (illustrated by Cawthorn);
  • ‘Dek Of Noothar’ (with John Wisdom; illustrated by Cawthorn), includes ‘The Strange Ones’ (first book-from appearance);
  • ‘Rens Karto Of Bersnol’ (with Richard W. Ellingsworth, illustrated by Cawthorn).