Manchester:  Savoy, 1977 (September 29th) trade-sized paperback;
edited by David Britton (uncredited);
original price:  80p
(unpriced in some copies; see below*);
157 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-7045-0241-0
(see below*);
cover artist: Jim Cawthorn (also interior);
introduction by Michael Butterworth (uncredited);
no other edition.

* Some copies have a variant I.S.B.N. 0-352-33000-7 (attributable to Wyndham [the book’s distributor]) — printed on the inside back cover; these copies also carry the 80p price.

A collection of short fiction & non-fiction see below named after and featuring (although not exclusively) Moorcock’s first fantasy stories, those of Sojan the Swordsman, which appeared in Tarzan Adventures in 1957/’58.

p. 1: Frontispiece (photograph of Michael Moorcock);
p. 2: copyright page;
p. 3: title page;
pp. 4/5: contents page;
p. 7: Introduction by Michael Butterworth (uncredited);
p. 9: ‘The Stone Thing: A Tale Of Strange Parts’;
p. 13: ‘The Dying Castles’;
p. 14: ‘Zylor: The World Of Sojan Shieldbearer’ (not on contents page) (map) by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (a.k.a. Moorcock);
p. 15: ‘Sojan The Swordsman’ (as ‘Sojan’ only, on contents page);
p. 32: ‘Sojan, Swordsman Of Zylor!’;
p. 40: ‘Sojan And The Sea Of Demons’;
p. 75: ‘Sojan And The Plain Of Mystery’;
p. 85: ‘Sojan And The Sons Of The Snake-God’;
p. 90: ‘Sojan And The Devil Hunters Of Norj’;
p. 100: ‘Klan The Spoiler’;
p. 105: ‘Dek Of Noothar’ (with John Wisdom);
p. 115: ‘Rens Karto Of Bersnol’ (with Dick Ellingsworth);
p. 122: ‘Aspects Of The Author No. 1: The Apocalyptic’ (as ‘Michael Moorcock: The Apocalyptic’ on contents page) by Cawthorn;
p. 123:  ‘The Secret Life Of Elric Of Melniboné’ (non-fiction);
pp. 132/133: Stormbringer (not on contents page) (double-spread) by Cawthorn;
p. 134:  ‘Elric’ (non-fiction);
p. 143: ‘Aspects Of The Author No. 2: The Aesthetic’ (as ‘Michael Moorcock: The Aesthetic’ on contents page) by Cawthorn;
p. 144:  New Worlds  Jerry Cornelius (non-fiction) (first appearance);
p. 156: ‘In Lighter Vein: A Note On The Jerry Cornelius Tetralogy’ (non-fiction) (first appearance).

N.B. The Sojan titles above are (in some instances) composite ones, incorporating two or more episodes as they originally appeared in Tarzan Adventures (q.v.).