‘Multi-Dimensional Moorcock’

Multi-Dimensional Moorcock

London:  Quartet, circa 1975 mass-sized paperback (slip-cased) box set;
original price: £2·30;
717 pages (161 + 166 + 230 + 160pp.);

I.S.B.N.: 0-704-31918-7;
cover artist: Patrick Woodroffe;
no other edition.

A boxed set (and exercise in the worst of shrewd marketing ploys) containing see below the second part of the Nomad of Time trilogy, the third part of the Chronicles of Corum (the second Corum trilogy), the second part of the Cornelius Quartet and an Elric novel from more than halfway through his Saga (see also the Mighty Moorcock box set).

The Land Leviathan, Quartet paperback, 1975;
The Sword And The Stallion, Quartet p/b, 1975;
The English Assassin, Quartet p/b, 1975 reprint;
The Sleeping Sorceress, Quartet p/b, 1975 r/p.