London:  Gollancz, 1989 (December 14th) hardcover;
original price:  £13·95;
267 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-575-04528-0;
cover artist: Michael O’Shaughnessy
(based on a photograph by Linda Steele);
no American edition.

A collection of short fiction & non-fiction (see below)…

First edition
First paperback edition:  London: Gollancz (VGSF), 1993 (February 4th);
original price:  £4·99;
267 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-575-05445-X;
cover artist:  Diane Pfister

Contents (both editions):-
p. 9: “Short Stories” comprising:-
p. 11: Introduction by Michael Moorcock;
p. 13: ‘Casablanca: An Episode In The Third World War’ (as ‘Casablanca’ only, on contents page) (first appearance);
p. 34: ‘The Frozen Cardinal’;
p. 45: ‘Hanging The Fool’;
p. 64: ‘The Murderer’s Song’;
p. 85: ‘Mars’;
p. 101: ‘The Last Call’;
p. 105: “Non-Fiction” comprising:-
p. 107: Introduction by Michael Moorcock (not on Contents page);
p. 109: ‘Scratching A Living’;
p. 113: People” (on Contents page only) comprising:-
p. 113: ‘Mervyn Peake’;
p. 117: ‘Harlan Ellison’ (including ‘A Fiercer Hen’ [from p.125], not on Contents page);
p. 128: ‘Angus Wilson’;
p. 133: ‘Andrea Dworkin’;
p. 137: ‘Maeve Gilmore’;
p. 141: Places” (on Contents page only) comprising:-
p. 141: ‘Taking The Life Out Of London’;
p. 143: ‘The Smell Of Old Vienna’;
p. 147: ‘Literally London’;
p. 150: ‘People Of The Book’ (first appearance in uncut form);
p. 152: ‘London Lost And Found’ (first appearance in uncut form);
p. 155: ‘Building The New Jerusalem’;
p. 161: Pornography & Politics” (including a Catharine A. MacKinnon epigraph, not on Contents page) comprising:-
p. 163: ‘Who’s Really Covering Up?’;
p. 166: ‘What Feminism Has Done For Me’ (first appearance);
p. 169: ‘Caught Up In Reality’;
p. 173: ‘Anti-Personnel Capability’;
p. 177: ‘The Case Against Pornography’ (first appearance);
p. 183: “Fiction” comprising:-
p. 185: ‘Gold Diggers Of 1977 (Ten Claims That Won Our Hearts)’ (first appearance in retitled & revised form of The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle).