‘Вечный Герой’

Вечный Герой

St. Petersburg:  Северо-Запад (Northwest), 1993 hardcover;
title translates as “
Eternal Hero”;
translated by Irina Togoeva & I. Danilov;
original price: unknown;
416 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 5-8352-0296-2;
cover artists: Pavel Borosenets (+ interior).

Two Russian omnibuses see below — unseen (unverified) — each bearing the same collective title but comprised of differing contents; these combined-title editions are unique, with no English-language equivalents.

p. 5: Вечный Воитель (The Eternal Champion);
p. 237: Феникс В Обсидиане (Phoenix In Obsidian).


Minsk:  Подсолнечник (Sunflower), 2014 hardcover;
original price: unknown;
910 pages;

I.S.B.N.: unknown;
cover artist: unknown.

Contents (pagination unknown):-
Вечный Воитель (The Eternal Champion) translated by Irina Togoeva & I. Danilov;
Феникс В Обсидиане (Phoenix In Obsidian) translated by Togoeva & Danilov;
Орден Тьмы (The Dragon In The Sword) translator unknown;
Город Зверя (The City Of The Beast) translated by E. Yankovskaya;
Повелитель Пауков (The Lord Of The Spiders) translated by Yankovskaya;
Хозяева Ямы (Masters Of The Pit) translated by Yankovskaya.