‘Tout Corum’

Tout Corum

Nantes:  L’Atalante, 1992 (May) trade-sized paperback;
title translates as “All Corum”;
original price: 189 F;
953 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 2-905158-59-X;
cover artist: Jérôme Bosch.

Tout Corum is a French omnibus of both trilogies featuring Corum Jhaelen Irsei see below — and this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

It should be noted that the name Corum Jhaelen Irsei is an anagram of Jeremiah Cornelius.

p. 9: ‘Prologue’;
p. 13: Le Chevlalier Des Épées (The Knight Of The Swords) translated by Bruno Martin;
p. 187: La Reine Des Épées (The Queen Of The Swords) translated by Martin;
p. 337: Le Roi Des Épées (The King Of The Swords) translated by Martin;
p. 491: La Lance Et La Taureau (The Bull And The Spear) translated by Patrick Couton;
p. 647: Le Chêne Et Le Bélier (The Oak And The Ram) translated by Couton;
p. 793: Le Glaive Et L’Étalon (The Sword And The Stallion) translated by Couton;
p. 945–953: contents pages.

Reprinted 1998