‘The Quest For Tanelorn’ (foreign editions)

The Quest For Tanelorn

A list of foreign (i.e. non-English language) editions

Der Ewige Held (Pabel, I.S.B.N. unknown, Germany, 1979)

タネローンを求めて (Sogen, 4-488-65207-7, Japan, 1989)

タネローンを求めて (Sogen, 978-4-488-65216-6, Japan, 2007)

La Quête De Tanelorn (Presses Pocket, 2-266-03095-7, France, 1990)

La Quête De Tanelorn (Pocket, 2-266-03095-7, France, 1994)

La Quête De Tanelorn (Pocket, 978-2-258-07702-7, France, 2008)