‘The Nature Of The Catastrophe’

The Nature Of The Catastrophe

London:  Hutchinson, 1971 (July 5th) hardcover;
edited by Michael Moorcock & Langdon Jones;
original price:  £2·00;
viii + 213 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-09-107260-3;
cover artist:  Mal Dean;

introduction by James Colvin (a.k.a. Moorcock);
no American edition.

Jerry Cornelius — the ambiguous, amoral, androgynous English Assassin —

An anthology of linked short fiction by Moorcock and others (both new and previously published) see below all featuring the character Jerry Cornelius. (See also The New Nature Of The Catastrophe.)

p. viiIntroduction (non-fiction) by James Colvin (a.k.a. Michael Moorcock);
p. 1: ‘The Nature Of The Catastrophe’ by Moorcock;
p. 9: ‘The Firmament Theorem’ by Brain W. Aldiss;
p. 24: ‘The Nash Circuit’ by M. John Harrison;
p. 43: ‘Jeremiad’ by James Sallis;
p. 59: ‘Sea Wolves’ by Moorcock;
p. 75: ‘The End Of The Cycle’ (poem) by Langdon Jones;
p. 79: ‘The Ash Circus’ by Harrison;
p. 92: ‘The Tank Trapeze’ by Moorcock;
p. 106: ‘The Last Hurrah Of The Golden Horde’ by Norman Spinrad;
p. 123: ‘The Adventures Of Jerry Cornelius: The English Assassin’ (as ‘The Adventures Of Jerry Cornelius’ only, on contents page) (graphic) by Moorcock & Harrison, drawn by Mal Dean & R. Glyn Jones;
p. 138: ‘The Delhi Division’ by Moorcock;
p. 146: ‘Marrow’ by Sallis (first appearance);
p. 149: ‘The Flesh Circle’ (first appearance) by Harrison;
p. 165: ‘A Prayer To Men’ (first appearance) by Alex Krislov;
p. 173: ‘Lines Of White On A Sullen Sea’ by Maxim Jakubowski;
p. 180: ‘The Sunset Perspective’ by Moorcock;
p. 198: ‘Chronology’ by “The Compilers” (on title page only; a.k.a. Michael Moorcock).

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