‘The Metatemporal Detective’

The Metatemporal Detective

Amherst, N.Y.: Pyr hardcover, 2007 (October);
edited by Linda Moorcock (credited on copyright page);
original price:  $25·00;
327 pages;
cover artist: 
John Picacio;
no other edition.

The Metatemporal Detective is a collection of linked short fiction (published between 1965 & 2007; see below), in homage to “perhaps the world’s longest-running detective hero, Sexton Blake [and] One of Blake’s greatest adversaries [Monsieur] Zenith the Albino”, here written and/or revised so as to feature Seaton Begg, thus cross-linking the stories with those of various other members and generations of the Family von Bek and their curious relationships with both Lucifer and the Holy Grail.

p. 5: ‘Acknowledgements’;
p. 6: dedication page;
p. 7: ‘Contents’ page;
p. 9: ‘The Affair Of The Seven Virgins’;
p. 37: ‘Crimson Eyes’;
p. 51: ‘The Ghost Warriors’;
p. 83: The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade’;
p. 99: ‘The Case Of The Nazi Canary’;
p. 147: Sir Milk-and-Blood’;
p. 157: The Mystery Of The Texas Twister;
p. 223: London Flesh’;
p. 243: ‘The Pleasure Garden Of Felipe Sagittarius’;
p. 259: ‘The Affair Of Le Bassin Des Hivers’;
p. 281: ‘The Flaneur Des Arcades De L’Opera’ (first appearance).

N.B. Some of these stories featured, in earlier incarnations, Sexton (rather than Seaton) Begg. One exception is ‘The Pleasure Garden Of Felipe Sagittarius’, which pre-dates both characters’ creation and here features “Sam Begg, Metatemporal Investigator”.