‘The Jerry Cornelius Quartet’

The Jerry Cornelius Quartet

Glasgow:  Fontana, circa 1979 mass-sized paperback (slip-cased) box set;
original price: £4·25;
1,001 pages (223 + 253 + 253 + 272pp.);

I.S.B.N.: unknown;
cover artist: Bill Sanderson;

introduction (‘The Repossession Of Jerry Cornelius’) by John Clute;
illustrated by Malcolm Dean &/or Richard Glyn Jones.

Jerry Cornelius — the ambiguous, amoral, androgynous English Assassin —

A boxed set containing all four volumes of the revised Cornelius tetralogy (see below)…

(+ 2nd ed., c. 1980, £4·50.)

The Final Programme, Fontana paperback, 1979;
A Cure For Cancer, Fontana paperback, 1979;
The English Assassin, Fontana paperback, 1979;
The Condition Of Muzak, Fontana paperback, 1978 (1980 reprint in second edition).