‘The Hollow Lands’ (foreign editions)

The Hollow Lands

A list of foreign (i.e. non-English language) editions

Les Terres Creuses (Denoël, I.S.B.N. unknown, France, 1977)

Les Terres Creuses (Denoël, 2-207-50218-X, France, 1991)

Het Lege Land (Centripress, 90-305-0227-4, Netherlands, 1980)

Das Tiefenland (Ullstein, 3-548-31067-2, Germany, 1984)

Landet Bortom Tiden (Delta, 9172283408, Sweden, 1984)

Outo Kiihko (Book Studio, 951611914X, Finland, 1998)

Les Terres Creuses (Folio, 2-07-031599-1 , France, 2004)