‘The Dreamthief’s Daughter’

The Dreamthief’s Daughter

London: Earthlight hardcover and simultaneous trade-sized paperback, 2001 (February 19th);
sub-titled “A Tale Of The Albino” on front cover only;
original prices:  £16·99 (h/c), £10·00 (p/b);
x + 342 pages;
I.S.B.N.s:  0-684-86131-3 (h/c) & 0-7432-0706-8 (p/b);
cover artist:  Jim Burns.

Elric of Melniboné — proud prince of ruins, kinslayer — call him what you will. He remains, together with maybe Jerry Cornelius, Moorcock’s most enduring, if not always most endearing, character…

The Dreamthief’s Daughter is the first volume in a supplementary trilogy to the main Elric Saga — in fact the only preconceived Elric trilogy — linking the albino with various von Beks. It was collected in The Elric Saga Part IV (2005), before later being retitled (revised) as Daughter Of Dreams (2013) and in this form collected in Elric: The Moonbeam Roads (2014).

First edition hardcover
(+ book-club ed.)

First American edition:  Woodstock, IL: American Fantasy, 2001 (March) hardcover;
a limited edition “of 600 signed, numbered copies”, in a plain black slip-case;
issued with loose-leaf print of frontispiece illustration (see below);
sub-titled “A Tale Of The Albino” on title & signature pages (also dust-wrapper front flap);
original price:  $125·00;
304 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-9610352-2-6;
cover artist:  Robert Gould;

interior artists:  Randy Broecker, Robert T. Garcia (Book One), Donato Giancola, Gary Gianni, Gould, Michael Kaluta, Todd Lockwood, Don Maitz (frontispiece) and Michael Whelan (illustrations page);
signed by: Moorcock, Broecker, Giancola, Gianni, Gould, Kaluta, Lockwood, Maitz and Whelan.

American edition(s, here and below), with minor textual amendments.

New York: Warner/Aspect hardcover, 2001 (April);
sub-titled “A Tale Of The Albino”;
original price:  $24·95;
vi + 343 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-446-52618-5;
cover artist:  Robert Gould.

Warner/Aspect mass-sized paperback, 2002 (June);
original price:  $6·99
viii + 460 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-446-61120-4.

(+ later reprint[s])

American Fantasy, 2003 hardcover;
dated “March 2001” on copyright page;
a limited edition “of 26 signed, lettered copies”, in an embossed black tray-case;
original price:  $500·00;
304 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-9610352-3-4 (cited on copyright page of numbered edition, but not published simultaneously);
no dust-wrapper: “Front Type Stamping Design by Robert Gould

Front Stamping Art by Randy Broecker”;
interior artists & signatures all as per numbered edition (see above).

Trade paperback (simultaneous 1st ed., not to scale), published for export (beyond the U.K.) only.

Earthlight mass-sized paperback, 2002 (February 4th);
original price:  £6·99
x + 342 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-671-03725-0;

cover artist:  Jim Burns.

(+ later reprint[s])

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