‘The Dreaming City’ (graphic adaptations)

The Dreaming City (novella)

‘The Fall Of The Dreaming City’: graphic adaptation by Steven Grant (script) & John Adkins Richardson, in Elric # 1 (“Limited Special Edition”), Windy City Publications, 1973, $1·25, 40 pages.

Contains ‘The Fall Of The Dreaming City’, pages 2–30, plus prologue (& partial first chapter) to untitled second strip by George Olshevsky Jr. & John Allison, pages 31–33 & 36–38).
Variant issue, 1973, $1·00, 32 pages, containing ‘The Fall Of The Dreaming City’ only, pages 2–30.
Pages 2 & 3.
Variant issue, variant cover, 1973, $1·00, 32 pages, containing ‘The Fall Of The Dreaming City’ only, pages 2–30.

‘The Dreaming City’: two-part (partial) graphic adaptation by Roy Thomas (script) & P. Craig Russell, in Epic Illustrated magazine, ed. Archie Goodwin, 1980, $2·00/75p.

Vol. 1 No. 3, Fall 1980, pages 9–20.
Collected (complete, in five parts) in Elric: The Dreaming City;
1982 outsized paperback;
ed. Mike Friedrich;
original price:  $5·95;
64 pages
I.S.B.N.: 0-939766-12-4;
covers artist: Russell.
Vol. 1 No. 3, page 9.
Vol. 1 No. 4, Winter 1980, pages 20–32.
London: Titan Comics hardcover, 2016 (August 9th);
dated “July” on copyright page;
part of the 
Michael Moorcock Library;
original price:  £10·99;
64 pages;
includes ‘Introduction: Conan, Elric, And Me’
(non-fiction) by Thomas;
I.S.B.N.:  9781785853340;
cover artist:  Russell.

Elric: Weird Of The White Wolf: issue No. 2 of a five-part graphic adaptation by Roy Thomas (script), P. Craig Russell, Michael T. Gilbert & George Freeman; Chicago: First Comics, December 1986, $1·75, 36 pages, cover by Russell.

Contains new but abridged adaptation of ‘The Dreaming City’, pages 5–12.
Chicago: First Publishing outsized paperback (as Elric: The Weird Of The White Wolf), 1990 (September);
original price:  $14·95;
142 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-915419-87-4;
cover artist:  Robert Gould.
Fullerton, CA: Graphitti outsized hardcover, 1991;
original price:  $55·95;
I.S.B.N.: 0-936211-29-6
“Signed and numbered hardcover edition limited to 1,200 copies” (courtesy Grand Comics Database).
London: Titan Comics hardcover, 2017 (January 11th);
dated “November 2016” on copyright page;
part of the 
Michael Moorcock Library;
original price:  £22·99;
152 pages;
includes ‘Introduction’
(non-fiction) by Mike Friedrich;
I.S.B.N.:  9781782762904;
cover artist:  Gilbert.

Graphic adaptation (of ‘The Dreaming City’ together with The Jade Man’s Eyes) by Julien Blondel & Jean-Luc Cano (scripts), Julien Telo, Ronan Toulhoat & Stéphanie Paitreau; Grenoble: Glénat, 2021 outsized hardcover.

Elric 4: Le Cité Qui Rêve, 2021 (April 28th);
written by Blondel & Cano, art by Telo & Toulhoat, colours by Paitreau;

original price:  unknown 
(“Code Prix GL55”?);
76 pages, including (quote): “16 pages of previously unpublished illustrations reserved for the first edition”;
also includes ‘Avant-Propos’ 
(Foreword; non-fiction) by Jean-Pierre Dionnet;
I.S.B.N.:  978-2-7234-8707-8;
cover artists:  Jean Bastide.
Elric 4: Le Cité Qui Rêve: Édition spéciale, 2021 (December 15th);
original price:  unknown (“Code Prix GL71”?);
64 pages;

includes Melniboné:  L’Île Inversée
(non-fiction) by William Blanc;
I.S.B.N.:  978-2-344-04635-7;

cover artist:  Telo

First English-language version (of Le Cité Qui Rêve): Elric: The Dreaming City (in two parts [with variant covers]); London: Titan Comics, 2021, translated by Jessica Burton, £3·99.

No. 1 (Cover A, by Mike Mignola), 2021 (August 18th [dated “September” on copyright page]), 28 pages.
No. 1 (Cover B, by Valentin Sécher).
No. 1 (Cover C, by Eric Bourgier).
No. 1 (Cover D, by Telo).
No. 1 (FOC [‘Final Order Cuttoff’] Cover, by Telo).
No. 2 (Cover A, by Frank Brunner), 2021 (September 8th [dated “October” on copyright page]), 30 pages.
No. 2 (Cover C, by Stevan Subic).
No. 2 (Cover B, by Bastide).

No. 2 (FOC Cover, by Telo).

OMNIBUS: Titan: Elric: The Dreaming City, 2022 (March 29th) outsized hardcover;
dated “December 2021” on copyright page;
original price:  £17·99;
79 pages;
includes ‘Foreword’
(non-fiction) by Jean-Pierre Dionnet;

I.S.B.N. (Standard Edition): 9781785867712;
I.S.B.N. (Diamond Edition [whatever that’s supposed to mean!]): 9781787738423;
cover by Sécher.