‘The Cornelius Chronicles Vol. II’

The Cornelius Chronicles Vol. II

New York:  Avon, 1986 (August) mass-sized paperback;
original price:  $3·50;

341 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-380-75003-1;
cover artist:  unknown;
no other edition.

Jerry Cornelius — the ambiguous, amoral, androgynous English Assassin —

An omnibus containing two Cornelius titles  The Lives And Times Of Jerry Cornelius (1976) and The Entropy Tango (1981)  both supplementary to the Cornelius tetralogy. Despite containing the only American appearance of The Entropy Tango, this volume is somewhat flawed by the absence of illustrations.

p. 1: The Lives And Times Of Jerry Cornelius (as Part I: The Lives And Times Of Jerry Cornelius on title page [1]);
p. 203: The Entropy Tango (as Part II: The Entropy Tango on title page [203]).