‘The Black Corridor’

The Black Corridor

New York:  Ace Books, 1969 (October) mass-sized paperback;
original price:  75¢;
187 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  none  (code:  06530)
cover artists:  Leo & Diane Dillon.

A (more or less) standalone novel, written in uncredited collaboration with Hilary Bailey, the first edition was published with unauthorised cuts and/or changes, but had Moorcock’s experiments with typography presented correctly.  The first British edition was published with all text restored, but had the experimental typography presented incorrectly.  The first hardcover edition was published with the cuts and/or changes, and also had the experimental typography unwittingly scrambled, a fate which similarly befell its collection (in 1980) with The Adventures Of Una Persson And Catherine Cornelius (sic) (q.v.).  It was later collected (text full, typography correct) in Sailing To Utopia (1993) with The Ice Schooner, The Distant Suns and ‘Flux’, and in Travelling To Utopia (2014) with The Wrecks Of Time and The Ice Schooner).

First edition
First hardcover:  Ace (book club) edition, 1970 (June) (dated 1969);
184 pages.

First British edition:  London: Mayflower mass-sized paperback, 1969 (December 4th);
original price:  5/-;
126 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  583-11640-X;
cover artist:  unknown
no hardcover edition.

Reprinted 1970
Mayflower p/b ed., 1973 (30p), reprinted 1974 (35p);
cover artist:  Bob Haberfield.
Granada p/b ed., 1980 (95p) 0-583-11640-X;
cover artist:  Bob Habberfield (sic).
Granada p/b ed., 1982 (£1·25).

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The Black Corridor is also available as an e-book: 9780575092808.