‘Souvenirs De La Troisième Guerre Mondiale’

Souvenirs De La Troisième Guerre Mondiale

Paris:  Mille Et Une Nuits, 1995 (May) mass-sized paperback;
title translates as Reminiscences Of The Third World War;
translated by Jean-Luc Fromental;
original price: 10 F;
95 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 2-84205-004-5;
cover artist: (Nata) Rampazzo;
no other edition.

Souvenirs De La Troisième Guerre Mondiale is an original collection of short fiction (in French) see below with no English-language equivalent (although its combined contents have previously appeared in English, originally in My Experiences In The Third World War [1980]).

p. 3: ‘Escale Au Canada’ (‘Going To Canada’);
p. 23: ‘Rupture À Pasadena’ (‘Leaving Pasadena’);
p. 59: ‘Incursion Au Cambodge’ (‘Crossing Into Cambodia’);
p. 93: ‘Note Biographique’ (non-fiction) by Jean-Luc Fromental.