‘SF Reprise 5’

SF Reprise 5

London:  Compact Books, circa 1967 mass-sized paperback;
sub-titled “A Collection Of Great Science Fiction Originally Published In NEW WORLDS MAGAZINE” on title page;
‘edited’ by Michael Moorcock;
original price:  5/-;
357 pages
(see below);
I.S.B.N.:  none (code: H329);
cover artist:  Keith Roberts;

illustrated by James Cawthorn, Maeve Gilmore, Arthur Thomson & Harry Douthwaite;
no other edition.

Not a book edited by Michael Moorcock, as such, this was in fact a cynically cobbled-together ‘anthology’ of short (mostly) fiction from three issues of New Worlds, the seminal speculative fiction magazine which Moorcock edited for many years and with which he remains closely associated.

(Preceded by SF Reprise 4 [not M.M.-edited])

(N.B. The book is split into three parts, each separately paginated; there are no pages 1 or 2 in both the second & third parts.)
p. 1: title page;
p. 2: blank page;
p. 3: “Index: part one” (all from New Worlds No. 149);
p. 4: ‘The Life Buyer’ (“1st Of 3 Parts”) by E.C. Tubb;
p. 44: ‘The Changing Shape Of Charlie Snuff’ by R.W. Mackelworth;
p. 53: ‘Letters To The Editor’ (continued [from an absent p.127]);
p. 54: ‘In One Sad Day’ by George Collyn;
p. 58: ‘Letters To The Editor’ (conclusion [see above]);
p. 59:  ‘Death Of An Earthman’ by Gordon Walters (a.k.a. George Locke);
p. 79: ‘Third Party’ by Dan Morgan;
p. 90: ‘What Next?’ by Edward Mackin;
p. 115: ‘The Flowers Of The Valley’ by Keith Roberts;
p. 120–124: ‘Reactionary’ by P.F. Woods (a.k.a. Barrington J. Bayley);
p. 3: “Index: part two” (all from N.W. No. 150);
p. 4: blank page;
p. 5: ‘Time Trap’ by Charles L. Harness;
p. 39: ‘The Small Betraying Detail’ by Brian W. Aldiss;
p. 48: ‘Recommended Paperbacks’ (reviews) by James Colvin (a.k.a. Moorcock);
p. 49: ‘Nobody Axed You’ by John Brunner;
p. 82: ‘Prisoner Of The Coral Deep’ by J.G. Ballard;
p. 88: The Contributors (part) (non-fiction; uncredited, presumably Moorcock);
p. 89: ‘Alfred’s Ark’ by Jack Vance;
p. 95: The Contributors (conclusion);
p. 96–127: ‘The Life Buyer’ (“Part Two”);
p. 128: blank page;
p. 3: “Index: part three” (all from N.W. No. 151);
p. 4: ‘The Ship Of Disaster’ by Bayley;
p. 22: ‘Apartness’ by Vernor Vinge;
p. 42: ‘Convolutions’ by Collyn;
p. 46: ‘Process Of Elimination’ (conclusion [of otherwise absent editorial]) by Moorcock;
p. 47: ‘Last Man Home’ by Mackelworth;
p. 64–110: ‘The Life Buyer’ (“Conclusion”).

(Followed by SF Reprise 6 [not M.M.-edited])