‘New Worlds Quarterly 5’

New Worlds Quarterly 5

(Also known as New Worlds Vol. 56 No. 206)
London:  Sphere, 1973 (January) mass-sized paperback;
as New Worlds 5 on cover & spine;
edited and introduced by Michael Moorcock;
original price:  40p;
275 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  none  (code:  62006);
cover artist:  Keith Roberts;

illustrated by Mal Dean, Tony Skellern, James Cawthorn, Judith Clute & Roberts;
no other edition.

An anthology of short fiction & non-fiction serving as a full, original issue of New Worlds, the seminal speculative fiction magazine which Moorcock edited for many years and with which he remains closely associated.

(Preceded by New Worlds Quarterly 4)

p. 9: Introduction (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock;
p. 10 (as 11 on contents page): ‘The Crack’ by Emma Tennant;
p. 41: ‘Some Rooms’ by Merle Kessler;
p. 47: ‘Name (Please Print):’ by John Sladek;
p. 54 (as 55 on contents page): ‘Sonoran Poems’ (poem) by D.M. Thomas;
p. 65: ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by David Redd;
p. 74: ‘The Future On A Chipped Plate’ (non-fiction) by Brian W. Aldiss;
p. 97: ‘The Cake Chronicle’ by Michael Ahern;
p. 114: ‘Me And My Antronoscope’ by B.J. Bayley (as Barrington Bayley on contents page);
p. 137: ‘Family Literature’ (non-fiction) by Charles Platt;
p. 142: ‘There Are No Banisters’ by Jack M. Dann;
p. 161: ‘Walking Backwards’ (poem) by Phillip Lopate;
p. 163: ‘The Disinheriting Party’ by John Clute;
p. 200: ‘Bill Gets Hep To God! A Tract For Teenagers’ (as ‘Bill Gets Hep To God!’ only, on contents page) by Sladek;
p. 203: ‘Smack Run’ by Marta Bergstresser (a.ka. Marta Randall);
p. 223: ‘Ode To A Time Flower’ (poem) by Robert Calvert;
p. 225: ‘The Only Man On Earth’ by Laurence James;
p. 234: ‘To The Stars And Beyond On The Fabulous Anti-Syntax Drive’ (non-fiction) by M. John Harrison;
p. 240: ‘Motivation Chart’ (graphic) by Platt;
p. 242 (as 243 on contents page): ‘The Trustie Tree’ (poem) by Keith Roberts;
p. 255: ‘The Assassination Of The Mayor’ (poem) by Thomas M. Disch;
p. 256 (as 257 on contents page): ‘Flatland’ by Sladek;
p. 264: ‘Shucksma’ (non-fiction) by John Clute;
p. 272: ‘The Authors’ (non-fiction, uncredited, presumably Moorcock).

(Followed by New Worlds 6: The Science Fiction Quarterly)