‘New Worlds: An Anthology’

New Worlds: An Anthology

London:  Flamingo, 1983 (September 8th) trade-sized paperback;
edited and introduced by Michael Moorcock;
original price:  £3·50;
512 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-00-654003-1;
cover artist:  Joan Miró (from Maravillas Con Variaciones Acrósticas En El Jardín De Miró);

no hardcover edition.

An anthology of short fiction & non-fiction published in New Worlds, the seminal speculative fiction magazine which Moorcock edited for many years and with which he remains closely associated.

First edition, with loose-leaf errata slip correcting erroneous Contents-page numbering.
First American edition:  New York: Thunder’s Mouth trade-sized paperback, 2004 (September);
as New Worlds only, on copyright page & spine;
original price:  $18·95;
xxx + 386 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  1-56858-317-6;
cover artist:  Steven Putzer (photograph)
no hardcover edition.
First edition errata slip

Contents (first edition [see below for American edition’s differing content]):-
p. 7: Foreword (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock (uncredited);
p. 9: Introduction (non-fiction) by Moorcock;
p. 27: ‘Gravity’ by Harvey Jacobs (from New Worlds No. 193);
p. 37: ‘Concentrate 3’ by Michael Butterworth (from N.W. No. 197);
p. 39: ‘Dr Gelabius’ by Hilary Bailey (from N.W. No. 181);
p. 42: ‘The Four-Colour Problem’ by Barrington Bayley (from N.W. No. 203);
p. 73 (as 72 on contents page): ‘Running Down’ by M. John Harrison (from N.W. No. 209);
p. 101 (as 100 on contents page): ‘The Eye Of The Lens’ by Langdon Jones (from N.W. No. 180);
p. 141 (as 138 on contents page): ‘The Assassination Weapon’ by J.G. Ballard (from N.W. No. 161);
p. 148 (as 145 on contents page): ‘The Heat Death Of The Universe’ by Pamela Zoline (from N.W. No. 173);
p. 160 (as 157 on contents page): ‘The Valve Transcript’ by Joel Zoss (from N.W. No. 181);
p. 164 (as 161 on contents page): ‘The Tank Trapeze’ by Moorcock (from N.W. No. 186);
p. 175 (as 172 on contents page): ‘Angouleme’ by Thomas M. Disch (from N.W. No. 202);
p. 189 (as 186 on contents page): ‘Scream’ by Giles Gordon from N.W. No. 182);
p. 202 (as 198 on contents page): ‘Masterson And The Clerks’ by John T. Sladek (from N.W. No. 175);
p. 242 (as 238 on contents page): ‘Multi-Value Highway’ by Brian W. Aldiss (from N.W. No. 174);
p. 256 (as 252 on contents page): ‘Traveller’s Rest’ by David I. Masson (from N.W. No. 154);
p. 271 (as 266 on contents page): ‘A Landscape Of Shallows’ by Christopher Finch (from N.W. No. 182);
p. 283 (as 278 on contents page): ‘The Disaster Story’ by Charles Platt (from N.W. No. 164);
p. 286 (as 281 on contents page): ‘Conversations At Ma Maia Metron’ by Robert Meadley (from N.W. No. 209);
p. 294 (as 288 on contents page): ‘No Direction Home’ by Norman Spinrad (from N.W. No. 203);
p. 308 (as 304 on contents page): ‘Mr Black’s Poems Of Innocence’ (poem) by D.M. Thomas (from N.W. No. 188);
p. 325 (as 317 on contents page): ‘The Soft World Sequence’ (poem) by George MacBeth (from N.W. No. 173);
p. 328 (as 320 on contents page): ‘Space Hopping With Captain God’ (non-fiction) by Sladek (from N.W. No. 196);
p. 331 (as 323 on contents page): ‘Scholia, Seasoned With Crabs, Blish Is’ (non-fiction) by John Clute (from N.W. No. 207);
p. 341 (as 332 on contents page): ‘Sweet Analytics’ (non-fiction) by Harrison (from N.W. No. 210);
p. 347 (as 338 on contents page): ‘A Literature Of Acceptance’ (non-fiction) by James Colvin (a.k.a. Moorcock) (from N.W. No. 178);
p. 353 (as 344 on contents page): ‘Alphabets Of Unreason’ (non-fiction) by Ballard (from N.W. No. 196);
p. 356 (as 347 on contents page): ‘Language Mechanisms: A Review Of The Work Of Eduardo Paolozzi’ (as ‘Language Mechanisms’ only, on contents page) (non-fiction) by Finch (from N.W. No. 174);
p. 360 (as 351 on contents page): ‘The Languages Of Science’ (non-fiction) by David Harvey (from N.W. No. 176);
p. 367 (as 357 on contents page): ‘The Circle Of The White Horse’ (non-fiction) by Francis Arnold (from N.W. No. 14);
p. 375 (as 364 on contents page): New Worlds: An Index’ (non-fiction, uncredited, presumably Moorcock);
p. 506 (as 492 on contents page): ‘Appendix’ (as ‘Appendix: Fan Magazines, Publishers, Sisters, Developments, Anthologies’ on contents page) (non-fiction, uncredited, presumably Moorcock).

Contents (American edition):-
p. ix: Introduction To The U.S. Edition (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock (uncredited);
p. xi: Introduction (non-fiction) by Moorcock;
p. 1: ‘Gravity’ by Harvey Jacobs;
p. 12: ‘Concentrate 3’ by Michael Butterworth;
p. 14: ‘Dr. Gelabius’ by Hilary Bailey;
p. 17: ‘The Four-Color Problem’ by Barrington Bayley;
p. 51: ‘Running Down’ by M. John Harrison;
p. 82: ‘The Eye Of The Lens’ by Langdon Jones;
p. 123: ‘The Assassination Weapon’ by J.G. Ballard;
p. 131: ‘The Heat Death Of The Universe’ by Pamela Zoline;
p. 145: ‘The Valve Transcript’ by Joel Zoss;
p. 149: ‘The Tank Trapeze’ by Moorcock;
p. 161: ‘Angouleme’ by Thomas M. Disch;
p. 177: ‘Scream’ by Giles Gordon;
p. 191: ‘Masterson And The Clerks’ by John T. Sladek;
p. 235: ‘Multi-value Highway’ by Brian W. Aldiss;
p. 251: ‘Traveler’s Rest’ by David I. Masson;
p. 267: ‘A Landscape Of Shallows’ by Christopher Finch;
p. 280: ‘The Disaster Story’ by Charles Platt;
p. 283: ‘Conversations At Ma Maia Metron’ by Robert Meadley;
p. 291: ‘No Direction Home’ by Norman Spinrad;
p. 307: ‘The Realms Of Tolkien’ (non-fiction) by Daphne Castell (from New Worlds No. 168);
p. 316: ‘Jeremiad’ by James Sallis (from N.W. No. 187);
p. 332: ‘The Party At Lady Cusp-Canine’s’ by Mervyn Peake (from N.W. No. 194);
p. 339: ‘The Soft World Sequence’ (poem) by George MacBeth;
p. 342: ‘Space Hopping With Captain God’ (non-fiction) by Sladek;
p. 346: ‘Scholia, Seasoned With Crabs, Blish Is’ (non-fiction) by John Clute;
p. 357: ‘Sweet Analytics’ (non-fiction) by Harrison;
p. 364: ‘A Literature Of Acceptance’ (non-fiction) by James Colvin (a.k.a. Moorcock);
p. 371: ‘Alphabets Of Unreason’ (non-fiction) by Ballard;
p. 375: ‘Language Mechanisms: A Review Of The Work Of Eduardo Paolozzi’ (as ‘Language Mechanisms’ only, on contents page) (non-fiction) by Finch;
p. 380): ‘The Languages Of Science’ (non-fiction) by David Harvey.