‘Barbarians Of Mars’ (foreign editions)

Barbarians Of Mars/Masters Of The Pit

A list of foreign (i.e. non-English language) editions

I Barbari Di Marte (Ponzoni, I.S.B.N. unknown, Italy, 1966)

鳥人の森 (Hayakawa, 4-15-010075-6, Japan, 1972)

Os Senhores Do Fosso (Publicaçães Europa-América, I.S.B.N. unknown, Portugal, 1983)

Die Herrscher Der Tiefe (Ullstein, 3-548-31109-1, Germany, 1985)

Les Maîtres De La Fosse (Albin Michel, 2-226-03054-9, France, 1987)

Vládci Propasti (Laser, 80-71930-17-2, Czechoslovakia, 1996)