‘Lunching With The Antichrist’

Lunching With The Antichrist

Shingletown, CA: Mark V. Ziesing, 1995 (February) simultaneous standard & limited-edition hardcovers;
sub-titled “A Family History: 1925-2015” on title pages;
original prices:  $25·00 (std.), $60·00 (
“limited to 300 [plain black] slipcased, signed and numbered copies”);
216 pages;
I.S.B.N.s:  0-929480-46-5 (std.) & 0-929480-47-3 (ltd.);

cover artist:  Phil Hale
no British edition.

Lunching With The Antichrist is a collection of short fiction (published between 1974 & 1994; see below), linked by virtue of revisions (to some) so as to enable them all to feature members of the Family von Bek, various generations of which began appearing in Moorcock’s works (often based around their curious relationships with both Lucifer and the Holy Grail) from the early 1980s onwards.

Contents (both editions):-
p. 3: ‘Introduction’;
p. 5: ‘A Winter Admiral’;
p. 13: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’;
p. 37: ‘Dead Singers’*;
p. 63: ‘Lunching With The Antichrist’;
p. 105: The Opium General’;
p. 119: ‘The Cairene Purse’;
p. 195: ‘Crossing Into Cambodia’.

* A one-off retitling of the story ‘A Dead Singer’ (1974), not to be confused with a Jerry Cornelius story also called ‘Dead Singers’ (q.v., 1971).

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