‘Le Navire Des Glaces/Le Programme Final’

Le Navire Des Glaces/Le Programme Final

Paris:  Éditions OPTA, 1972 (August 31st) hardcover;
titles translate as “The Ice Ship/The Final Programme”;
translated by Jacques Guiod;
original price: unknown;
449 pages;

I.S.B.N.: none;
cover artist: unknown, silver blocking on blue boards behind clear plastic dust-wrapper;

illustrated by Wojtek Siudmak “Made from models by Robert Guillet”;
quote (courtesy of Google Translate): “The edition, a limited edition, includes 6,000 copies, numbered from 1 to 6,000, as well as 120 copies of collaborators marked H.C.”.

A French omnibus collecting two unconnected novels (see below)…

p. 4: ‘Bibliographie’ by Jacques Guiod;
p. 14: ‘Bibliographie De Jerry Cornelius’ by Guiod;
p. 16: ‘1er Post-script’ by Guiod and ‘2e Post-script’ by (collection director) Michel Demuth;
p. 17: Le Navire Des Glaces (The Ice Schooner);
p. 263: Le Programme Final (The Final Programme).