‘Le Cycle Du Guerrier De Mars’

Le Cycle Du Guerrier De Mars

Paris:  Omnibus, 2008 (February 7th) trade-sized paperback;
title translates as “The Mars Warrior Cycle”;
original price: 25·50 ;
ix + 679 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 978-2-258-07664-8;
cover artist: Didier Thimonier;

illustrated by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (map).

A French omnibus of Moorcock’s trilogy of Edgar Rice Burroughs pastiches featuring Michael Kane, “suivi de” (i.e. “followed by”) unrelated shorter fiction see below — this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

p. i‘Avant-Propos’ (‘New Introduction To The “Michael Kane” Series’; non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock;
p. 7: Le Cycle Du Guerrier De Mars (title page);
p. 9: La Cité De La Bête (The City Of The Beast) translated by C. Wall-Romana & J.-F. Amsel;
p. 187: Le Seigneur Des Araignées (The Lord Of The Spiders) translated by Wall-Romana & Amsel;
p. 353: Les Maîtres De La Fosse (The Masters Of The Pit) translated by Wall-Romana & Anne Guillaume;
p. 507: ‘Sojan Et Ses Amis’ (‘Sojan And His Friends’; non-fiction) by Moorcock;
p. 509: Sojan translated by Patrick Dusoulier, comprising (not on contents page):-
p. 510: ‘Zylor: Le Monde De Sojan’ (‘Zylor: The World Of Sojan Shieldbearer’) map by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (a.k.a. Moorcock);
p. 511: ‘Sojan Le Mercenaire’ (‘Sojan The Swordsman’);
p. 535: ‘Sojan, Guerrier De Zylor’ (‘Sojan, Swordsman Of Zylor!’);
p. 547: ‘Sojan Et La Mer Des Démons’ (‘Sojan And The Sea Of Demons’);
p. 595: ‘Sojan Et La Plaine Du Mystère’ (‘Sojan And The Plain Of Mystery’);
p. 611: ‘Sojan Et Les Fils Du Dieu-Serpent’ (‘Sojan And The Sons Of The Snake-God’);
p. 619: ‘Sojan Et Les Chasseurs Diaboliques De Norj’ (‘Sojan And The Devil Hunters Of Norj’);
p. 633: La Sorcière Perduee(‘Lost Sorceress Of The Silent Citadel’) translated by Amsel.

Reprinted 2011

N.B. The Sojan title above is a composite one, incorporating many episodes as originally appeared in Tarzan Adventures (q.v.) in 1957/’58.