‘La Pierre D’Achoppement’

La Pierre D’Achoppement

Paris:  L’Atalante, 1991 (January) paperback/chapbook;
title translates as “The Stumbling Stone”;
sub-titled “Fantasie En Pieces Détachées” (“Fantasy In Spare Parts”) on title page;
translated by Patrick Couton;
original price: none (“hors commerce”);
8 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 2-905158-35-2;
cover artist: Jérôme Bosch (Le Jardin Des Délices
[The Garden Of Earthly Delights]).

A French, promotional, standalone edition of the 1974 short story, ‘The Stone Thing: A Tale Of Strange Parts’; this edition is unique, with no (standalone) English-language equivalent.