‘Firing The Cathedral’

Firing The Cathedral

Harrogate:  PS Publishing, 2002 (October) hardcover and simultaneous trade-sized paperback;
original prices:  £25·00 (ltd. ed. [400 signed h/c copies]), £8·00 (ltd. ed. [500 signed p/b copies]);
112 pages;
I.S.B.N.s:  1-902-880-45-5 (h/c) & 1-902-880-44-7 (p/b);
cover artist:  Richard Powers;

introduction by Alan Moore;
h/c signed by both Moorcock & Moore, p/b by Moorcock only;
no (individual) American edition.

Jerry Cornelius — the ambiguous, amoral, androgynous English Assassin —

Firing The Cathedral is a supplementary novella to the Cornelius tetralogy. It was collected in The Lives And Times Of Jerry Cornelius: Stories Of The Comic Apocalypse (2003), and later (revised) in A Cornelius Calendar (expanded ed., 2015) before being republished (on its own) in its revised form as a companion volume to Pegging The President (2018; see below)…

First edition hardcover

Revised edition: Hornsea:  PS Publishing, 2018 (March) simultaneous standard & limited-edition hardcovers;
as Firing The Cathedral: A Jerry Cornelius Adventure;
edited by John Davey (uncredited);
original prices:  £15·00 (std. ed.), £25·00 (ltd. ed. [100 signed (by Moorcock) copies]);
151 pages;
I.S.B.N.s:  978-1-786363-12-1 (std.) & 978-1-786363-13-8 (ltd.);
cover artist:  Pedro Marques (+ frontispiece);

end-paper drawing by Mal Dean (ltd. ed. only).

Trade paperback (simultaneous 1st ed., not to scale).