Bergisch Gladbach:  Bastei Lübbe, 1982 (December) mass-sized paperback;
as “Entropie-Tango Und Zu Fernen Sonnen Mit Jerry Cornelius” on title page only;
full title translates as “Entropy Tango And Distant Suns With Jerry Cornelius”;
original price: DM 6·80;
319 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 3-404-22051-X;
cover artist: unknown;

interior artist: Romain Slocombe.

A German omnibus  of two Jerry Cornelius novels — see below — this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

p. 6: Entropie-Tango (The Entropy Tango);
p. 177: Zu Fernem Sonnen (The Distant Suns);
p. 318: ‘Nachwort’ (‘Epilogue’, uncredited non-fiction).