‘Elric At The End Of Time’

Elric At The End Of Time (collection)

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London:  New English Library, 1984 (May 10th) hardcover;
sub-titled “Fantasy Stories”;

original price:  £7·95;
175 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-450-06047-0;
cover artist:  Chris Achilléos;

illustrated by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (map).

Elric of Melniboné — proud prince of ruins, kinslayer — call him what you will. He remains, together with maybe Jerry Cornelius, Moorcock’s most enduring, if not always most endearing, character…

Elric At The End Of Time is a collection of short fiction & non-fiction (see below). It contains only three (unconnected) Elric items from its contents of seven and so is not, strictly speaking, a supplementary volume to the Elric Saga. The title story was also published separately in 1987 as a large-format illustrated novella with artwork by Rodney Matthews.

First edition;
reprinted 1984 (plus [or as] book-club ed., suspected to be one and the same);
reprinted 1989 (possibly likewise).

London: Granada, 1985 (May 9th) mass-sized paperback;
no sub-title;
original price:  £1·95;
208 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-586-06342-0;
cover artist:  Michael Whelan;

illustrated by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (map).

Reprinted 1985, then Grafton (1988, £2·50), 1989 & 1990 (£2·99) + later reprint(s) (£3·99).

First American edition: New York: DAW Books, 1985 (May) mass-sized paperback;
sub-titled “The Seventh Book Of Elric Of Melniboné” on front cover only;
original price:  $2·95;
221 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  0-88677-040-8;
cover artist:  Michael Whelan;

illustrated by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (map);
no hardcover edition.

Reprinted three times (third unseen [unverified])
DAW p/b ed., 5th printing, 1987, 0-88677-228-1 ($3·50).
DAW p/b ed., 6th printing, 0-88677-410-1 ($3·95) + later reprints?

Contents (first edition):-
p. 9: Introduction (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock;
p. 13: “Elric” comprising:-
p. 15: ‘Elric At The End Of Time’;
p. 57: ‘The Last Enchantment’;
p. 69: ‘The Secret Life Of Elric Of Melniboné’ (non-fiction);
p. 77: “Sojan The Swordsman” comprising (not on contents page):-
p. 78: ‘Zylor: The World Of Sojan Shieldbearer’ (map) by J. Cawthorn & R. Lumley (a.k.a. Moorcock);
p. 79: ‘Daughter Of A Warrior King’;
p. 90: ‘Mission To Asno’;
p. 94: ‘Revolt In Hatnor’;
p. 97: ‘The Hordes Attack’;
p. 101: ‘The Purple Galley’;
p. 108: ‘The Sea Wolves!’;
p. 112: ‘Sojan At Sea’;
p. 116: ‘The Sea Of Demons’;
p. 123: ‘Prisoners In Stone’;
p. 134: ‘The Plain Of Mystery’;
p. 143: ‘The Sons Of The Snake-God’;
p. 148: ‘The Devil Hunters Of Norj’;
p. 157: “Jerry Cornelius And Co.” comprising:-
p. 159: ‘New Worlds Jerry Cornelius’ (non-fiction);
p. 170: ‘In Lighter Vein: A Note On The Jerry Cornelius Tetralogy’ (non-fiction) (as ‘In Lighter Vein’ only, on contents page);
p. 172: ‘The Stone Thing: A Tale Of Strange Parts’ (as ‘The Stone Thing’ only, on contents page).

N.B. The ‘Sojan The Swordsman’ title above is a composite one, incorporating many episodes as originally appeared in  Tarzan Adventures (q.v.) in 1957/’58.

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