‘Contes Du Loup Blanc’

Contes Du Loup Blanc

Paris:  Pocket, 1996 (June) & 1997 (May) mass-sized paperbacks;
title translates as “Tales Of The White Wolf”;
edited by Edward E. Kramer & Richard Gilliam;
translated by E.C.L. Meistermann;
original prices: unknown (“catégorie 5”?);
255 + 317 pages;

I.S.B.N.s: 0-266-07125-4 & 0-266-07635-3;
covers artist: Wojtek Siudmak.

Elric of Melniboné — proud prince of ruins, kinslayer — call him what you will. He remains, together with maybe Jerry Cornelius, Moorcock’s most enduring, if not always most endearing, character…

Contes Du Loup Blanc is not a Michael Moorcock book, as such, but a French anthology of Elric stories by Moorcock and others, originally published in a single volume as Elric: Tales Of The White Wolf (1994); this two-volume edition is unique, with no English-language (two-volume) equivalent.

Par-delà Le Multivers
title translates as “Beyond The Multiverse

p. 9: Introduction (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock;
p. 15: ‘Le Chant Du Loup Blanc’ (‘The White Wolf’s Song’) by Moorcock;
p. 51: ‘Demande Ça À Elric’ (‘Go Ask Elric’) by Tad Williams;
p. 99: ‘Voici Que Se Brise Un Noble Cœur’ (‘Now Cracks A Noble Heart’) by David M. Konigsberg;
p. 105: ‘Un Diable Inconnu’ (‘A Devil Unknown’) by Roland J. Green & Frieda A. Murray;
p. 121: ‘Kingsfire’ by Richard Lee Byers;
p. 143: ‘La Porte Des Rêves’ (‘The Gate Of Dreaming’) by Brad Strickland;
p. 155: ‘Stormbringer Et Les Enfants’ (‘The Littlest Stormbringer’) by Brad Linaweaver & William Alan Ritch;
p. 177: ‘Providence’ by Kevin T. Stein;
p. 187: ‘Le Gardien De La Porte’ (‘The Guardian At The Gate’) by Scott Ciencin;
p. 201: ‘Célébration De Célène’ (‘Celebration Of Celene’) by Gary Gygax;
p. 237: ‘Le Chant De Shaarilla’ (‘The Song Of Shaarilla’) by James S. Dorr;
p. 243: ‘Une Trop Courte Solitude’ (‘Too Few Years Of Solitude’) by Stewart Von Allmen (a.k.a. Stewart Wieck).

Followed by…

Le Gloire D’Elric
title translates as “Elric’s Glory

p. 7: ‘L’Éveil Du Loup Blanc’ (‘White Wolf’s Awakening’) by Paul W. Cashman;
p. 39: ‘Le Cœur Du Dragon’ (‘The Dragon’s Heart’) by Nancy A. Collins;
p. 71: ‘Le Pouvoir D’Une Femme’ (‘A Woman’s Power’) by Doug Murray;
p. 99: ‘Une Atmosphère De Fantastique Médiéval’ (‘The Gothic Touch’) by Karl Edward Wagner;
p. 127: ‘L’Âme D’Une Vieille Machine’ (‘The Soul Of An Old Machine’) by Thomas E. Fuller;
p. 149: ‘L’Enfant Blanche’ (‘The White Child’) by Jody Lynn Nye;
p. 181: ‘Tentations De Fer’ (‘Temptations Of Iron’) by Colin Greenland;
p. 207: ‘L’Autre Épée’ (‘The Other Sword’) by Robert Weinberg;
p. 223: ‘Le Présent D’Arioch’ (‘Arioch’s Gift’) by Charles Partington;
p. 229: ‘Funambule Sur L’Axe’ (‘The Trembler On The Axis’) by Peter Crowther & James Lovegrove;
p. 277: ‘Au-delà De La Balance’ (‘Beyond The Balance’) by Nancy Holder;
p. 297: ‘Une Vie Meublée Par Moorcock Première Manière’ (‘One Life, Furnished In Early Moorcock’) by Neil Gaiman.