‘Best S.F. Stories From New Worlds 3’

Best S.F. Stories From New Worlds 3

London:  Panther Books, 1968 mass-sized paperback;
as Best SF Stories From New Worlds 3 on cover & spine;
edited and introduced (+ notes) by Michael Moorcock;
original price:  3/6;
157 pages;
I.S.B.N.:  none  (code:  24956);
cover artist:  unknown
no hardcover edition.

An anthology of short fiction published in New Worlds, the seminal speculative fiction magazine which Moorcock edited for many years and with which he remains closely associated.

First edition
First American edition:  New York: Berkley mass-sized paperback, 1970 (January);
as Best SF Stories From New Worlds 3;
original price:  75¢;
152 pages;

I.S.B.N.:  425-01790-7;
cover artist:  Paul Lehr
no hardcover edition.

(Preceded by Best S.F. Stories From New Worlds 2)

Contents (first edition):-
p. 7: Introduction (non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock;
p. 9: ‘In Passage Of The Sun’ by George Collyn (from New Worlds No. 164);
p. 34: ‘Multi-Value Highway’ by Brian W. Aldiss (from N.W. No. 174);
p. 51: ‘The Great Clock’ by Langdon Jones (from N.W. No. 160);
p. 70: ‘The Post-Mortem People’ by Peter Tate (from N.W. No. 160);
p. 85: ‘The Disaster Story’ by Charles Platt (from N.W. No. 164);
p. 89: ‘The Heat Death Of The Universe’ by Pamela Zoline (from N.W. No. 173);
p. 104: ‘Coranda’ by Keith Roberts (from N.W. No. 170);
p. 125: ‘The Soft World Sequence’ (poem) by George MacBeth (from N.W. No. 173);
p. 128: ‘Kazoo’ by James Sallis (from N.W. No. 174);
p. 133: ‘Integrity’ by P.F. Woods (a.k.a. Barrington J. Bayley) (from N.W. No. 144);
p. 146: ‘The Mountain’ by James Colvin (a.k.a. Michael Moorcock) (from N.W. No. 147).

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