‘The Adventure Of The Dorset Street Lodger’

The Adventure Of The Dorset Street Lodger

London:  Number Two Dorset Street, 1996 (undated) hardcover;
as by “John H. Watson M.D.”;
no price, no dust-wrapper, no code, no cover artist;
40 pages;
illustrated by David Shapiro (frontispiece)
and Sidney Paget (interior);
no other
(individual) edition.

A Sherlock Holmes pastiche written by Moorcock anonymously, printed privately and published as a giveaway to the first couple of hundred guests at an hotel which friends of the Moorcocks then owned. Its scarcity is guaranteed, because most copies — if not all — are now in the hands of people who have no idea what they actually possess, if they even kept them.  It was collected in Tales From The Texas Woods (1997) as ‘The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes’, and also in a number of anthologies (q.v.).

Front cover (& spine)
Title page

The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger is also available on e-book: 9781597801607.