‘Участь Белого Волка’

Участь Белого Волка

St. Petersburg:  Фантастика Книжный Клуб (Fantastika Book Club), 2019 hardcover;
title translates as “Fate Of The White Wolf”;
original price: unknown;
624 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 978-5-91878-324-5;
cover artist: Michael Whelan.

Elric of Melniboné — proud prince of ruins, kinslayer — call him what you will. He remains, together with maybe Jerry Cornelius, Moorcock’s most enduring, if not always most endearing, character…

A Russian collection — unseen (unverified) — of two Elric novels + shorter fiction & non-fiction see below — this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

(Followed by Проклятие Черного Меча)

p. 5: ‘Предисловие К Собранию Сочинений Майкла Муркока’ (‘Introduction To The Michael Moorcock Collection’; non-fiction) by Michael Moorcock, translated by Nikolai Karaev;
p. 13: ‘Грезящий Город’ (‘The Dreaming City’) translated by Grigory Krylov;
p. 43: ‘Костяной Портрет’ (‘A Portrait In Ivory’) translated by Elena Koroleva;
p. 55: ‘Когда Боги Смеются’ (‘While The Gods Laugh’) translated by Krylov;
p. 85: ‘Поющая Цитадель’ (‘The Singing Citadel’) translated by Krylov;
p. 117: ‘Граф Обек Из Маладора’ (‘Earl Aubec Of Malador’) translated by Koroleva;
p. 125: Спящая Волшебница (The Sleeping Sorceress) translated by Krylov;
p. 243: ‘Бродячий Лес’ (‘The Roaming Forest’) translated by Koroleva;
p. 263: Месть Розы (The Revenge Of The Rose) translated by Krylov;
p. 453: ‘Вечный Воитель’ (‘The Eternal Champion’) translated by Julia Zonis;
p. 499: Великий Завоеватель (‘The Greater Conqueror’) translated by Koroleva;
p. 537: Каменная Штучка (‘The Stone Thing’) translated by Koroleva;
p. 541: Сэр Кровь-С-Молоком (‘Sir Milk-and-Blood’) translated by Koroleva;
p. 549: Фланер В Аркадах (‘The Flaneur Des Arcades De L’Opera’) translated by Koroleva;
p. 590: Аспекты Фантастики 1. Введение (‘Aspects Of Fantasy 1: Introduction’; non-fiction) translated by Koroleva;
p. 590: Аспекты Фантастики 2. Шлюзовые Ворота (‘Aspects Of Fantasy 2: The Floodgates Of The Unconscious’; non-fiction) translated by Koroleva;
p. 604: Аспекты Фантастики 3. Воплощение Фауста (‘Aspects Of Fantasy 3: Figures Of Faust’; non-fiction) translated by Koroleva;
p. 612: Аспекты Фантастики 4. Заключение (‘Aspects Of Fantasy 4: Conclusion’; non-fiction) translated by Koroleva.

N.B.:  “Translation of poems by R. Adrianov”.