‘Ритуалы Бесконечности’

Ритуалы Бесконечности

Kharkov, Ukraine: Основа (Foundation), 1992 hardcover;
title translates as “Rituals Of Infinity”;
translated by E. Trirog & R. Schatz;
original price: unknown;
360 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 5-7768-0122-2;
cover artist:  A. Khainzon (also interior).

Ритуалы Бесконечности is a Ukrainian omnibus — unseen (unverified) — collecting three unconnected novels* see below — and this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

(* Except in relation to a preceding volume, Рунный Посох)

p. 3: Рунный Посох (The Runestaff);
p. 117: Город Мечты (Elric Of Melniboné);
p. 245: Ритуалы Бесконечности (The Rituals Of Infinity).